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Bride Vows To Wears Her Wedding Dress Everywhere – From The Shops To The Gym

Bride Vows To Wears Her Wedding Dress Everywhere – From The Shops To The Gym

Avid-environmentalist Tammy Hall was determined to make the most of her expensive wedding gown…

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

When you shell out a small fortune on a wedding dress, its understandable that you'll never want to take it off.

But one bride took this pledge very literally, wearing it everywhere from the football to the gym to the supermarket get get her money's worth.

Australian bride Tammy Hall, 43, shelled out £1,000 for a stunning knee-length dress to wear during her nuptials to Karen Frost, 49, in October last year.

Tammy Hall and Karen Frost married last year

And in a bid to promote sustainable living, the tour co-ordinator decided that the only way she could justify such an expensive item of clothing was to ban herself from buying any new clothes or shoes in the months that followed - vowing instead to be an 'eternal bride.'

Explaining her decision, Tammy said: "A couple of years before my wedding, in 2016, I'd taken a trip to India. For me, that was a reality check.

"I'd been privileged and not realised how much we, as a society, consume. So, after coming home, I made a promise to myself not to buy any new clothes or shoes for a whole year.

Tammy has worn the wedding dress everywhere since

"It was a piece of cake - but then the wedding was approaching, and I was in a dilemma over whether or not I could justify dropping some serious coin on a dress I'd wear for a few hours, when I'd just spent a whole year trying not to consume, and to be sustainable.

"In the end I decided that if I was going to get a wedding dress, I'd make sure I wore it again and again. I've worn it to do things like play basketball, go fishing and even to hike across a mud crater."

Tammy has gone fishing in her wedding dress

The first time Tammy wore her gown out and about following the wedding was to vote in the Australian election of this year. Since then, she's donned it on a crowded commuter train, to cook, do chores and even to chop wood.

She even threw on the dress when visiting Hobbiton in New Zealand, which she claims people "found hilarious".

Tammy has even played sport in her gown

Strangely, while she admits she's received some odd looks, nobody has ever made a comment after spotting her ensemble.

"I think people are so reserved to say anything," she laughed.

Tammy met with a bespoke dress maker to design her gown, which she'd already decided she was going to re-wear day-to-day before the ceremony. However, she didn't let this decision stop her following her heart and getting a lavish gown for the occasion.

Tammy has also chopped wood in her wedding dress

Meanwhile, Karen opted to wear a tux for the big day, which she has not re-worn since.

Opening up on her decision to re-wear her dress, Tammy reasoned: "I'm not sure I'd have done this if I hadn't taken that trip to India and started thinking about consumerism and how much we use then chuck away, so I wouldn't judge anybody that doesn't want to follow suit.

"Each to their own, but for me, this was the most ethical way I could think of to justify having a wedding dress.

"Everything now seems so disposable - but this dress, and these memories, will last a lifetime."

Another bride dyed her dress to wear it again

If fancy doing something similar but aren't as bold as Tammy, why not dye your dress like Surrey bride Emma Male.

The musician, who couldn't bear the thought of leaving her beloved £2,000 wedding dress to rot at the back of her wardrobe, decided to cut it up and dye it green so she could use it in her everyday wardrobe.

What a great idea - if you're brave enough to attack your dress with scissors, that is!

Featured Image Credit: PA

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