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Couple Head Straight To McDonald's After Their Wedding

Couple Head Straight To McDonald's After Their Wedding

We can't think of a better way to start your new journey as husband and wife.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Most have something fancy as their first meal as husband and wife.

A rack of lamb, a blade of beef, a vegetable wellington, all washed down with a bottle of champagne, but not Reuben and Hayley Szekely.

The couple decided the first meal they fancied as newlyweds was a Maccies.

Hayley, 22 and Reuben, 25, tied the knot before heading over to McDonald's in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, to tuck into a cheeseburger and chips.

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PWM Photography

They had their photographer in tow, who loved snapping the pair's unusual wedding breakfast.

Photographer, Paula Webster Mottram, posted a snap of the newlyweds on her Instagram with the caption: "If you need a cheese burger, you need a cheese burger."

And quite right too. Sometimes nothing else will do but a salty fix from McDonald's.

She said that the staff at the fast food chain were more than obliging.

She said in a caption: "The staff at McDonald's were amazing!"

PWM Photography

"Everyone in the restaurant had their phones out taking photos. I think we made their day! But what a fun couple. I just LOVE it when couples want to do something out of the ordinary."

The pair were on their way to their wedding reception at The Old Hall Hotel in Buxton, when they realised they needed a quick burger.

So they popped into the branch where they caused quite a stir, with people scrambling to take pictures of them whilst they tucked into the meal.

Even better, McDonald's offered them their meal on the house!

At least you now know that if you fancy a free Maccies, all you need do is borrow a wedding dress or dig yours out of the loft, then find a willing groom to play his part.

BRB just off to find our white dress. Don't judge us, we need nuggs and a milkshake OK?

Featured Image Credit: PWM Photography

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