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​This Woman Made Her Boyfriend Pass A Beyoncé Test Before She Agreed To Marry Him

​This Woman Made Her Boyfriend Pass A Beyoncé Test Before She Agreed To Marry Him

Allie said she'd have to end things if Tyler didn't get at least 60 per cent.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

If you're a big fan of a particular celebrity, you will probably identify with this young woman, who felt her other half needed to understand and respect her love for Beyoncé before she got in too deep.

Allie, from Tennessee, USA, set her other half a Beyoncé test, to check he was marriage material.

The fanatic is known as a 'stan' - otherwise called a super fan, and it's fair to say she's slightly obsessive over The Lion King star.

So when she met and fell in love with Tyler, she decided she needed to vet him.

Allie provided him with a Beyoncé test to check he respected the 'Lemonade' singer and that he had taken notes when she had continually harped on about her.

Luckily, Tyler passed with flying colours, achieving a whopping 80 per cent...The pass mark bar had been set at 60 per cent, so he really outdid himself.

He had to answer questions including a multiple choice one asking what Bey's full name is.

Unfortunately he got this one slightly wrong, mixing up her double-barrelled surname, which is actually Knowles-Carter, not Carter-Knowles as he'd selected. So close.

He did however manage to list three of her songs, as well as scoring 3/5 trying to detail *that* Solange Knowles elevator incident.

Although saying she'd end the relationship if Ty failed the test, it was of course all in good humour.

Allie told Metro: "We're always pranking and joking around with each other, so he wasn't surprised about the Beyoncé exam one bit."

"I'm such a Bey stan so I'm always bringing her up."

She is in fact such a fan, it reads on her music blog: "My dream job is to become Blue Ivy's nanny (call me, bey)." We love it.

She continued: "He has to deal with a lot when it comes to me talking about Bey but he knew what he was getting himself into when we first started dating. He's good at tuning me out."

It seems his Beyoncé knowledge made a great basis for the pair to bond over, as they have now gone on to marry, Tyler putting a ring on it four years after the test was taken.

Naturally the wedding on 5th October had plenty of nods to Bey throughout, despite Tyler giving her a cap on the amount of Beyoncé songs that could be played.

She told Metro: "The wedding was about us as a couple, but Bey influences were there throughout the night."

"My wedding party and husband walked to Halo, I created video interludes inspired by Bey concerts, my mom made Beehive candles (for Beyhive), and ironically enough my new last name starts with a B so we had a giant cake topper with the letter B.

"Obviously for our name but I always tells my husband it's for Bey."

We applaud Allie's dedication to her queen.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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