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Bangladeshi Politician Hired Eight Lookalikes To Take Her Exams

Bangladeshi Politician Hired Eight Lookalikes To Take Her Exams

The female politician allegedly paid proxies to sit her exams for her, and got away with it due to her "influential family".

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

A Bangladeshi politician has been expelled from university after officials discovered she had be allegedly hiring lookalikes to take her exams for her.

Tamanna Nusrat from the Awami League (the ruling party in Bangladesh) has been accused of hiring up to as many as eight lookalikes to pretend to be her in at least 13 tests.

The MP, who holds one of 50 seats in parliament reserved for women, had been enrolled on a bachelor of arts degree at the Bangladesh Open University.

Tamanna Nusrat is a female MP in the governing Awami League. (
Nagorik TV)

The alleged cheating was discovered by Bangladeshi TV network Nagorik TV when they confronted who they say was one of Ms Nusrat's proxies.

The film crew entered an exam hall on Saturday when an exam was taking place and spoke to the woman.

The university has since expelled the MP.

A college official said "everybody knew" it was not her taking the test but no one saw anything because of her family's status.

BOU's Vice-chancellor, Prof MA Mannan, said: "We expelled her because she has committed a crime. A crime is a crime.

"We have cancelled her enrolment. She will never be able to get admitted here again."

Bangladeshi TV network Nagorik TV confronted one of the MP's alleged proxies on TV. (
Nagorik TV)

A college official said: "The proxy students were protected by the MP's musclemen when they sat for the tests. Everybody knew it but nobody uttered a word because she is from a very influential family."

Test fraud and cheating is a common problem in Bangladesh, with historical cases of law enforcement often getting involved.

In 2012, Bangladeshi police intercepted a ring of professional cheaters in Dhaka.

They helped students get successful test results by sending answers to mobile phones disguised as wrist watches.

Test cheating is a historic problem in the country. (
Nagorik TV)

In 2001, up to 7,000 students were expelled for cheating on final exams in the country's universities.

Thousands of friends and family's of students were caught trying to smuggle in written answers to tests. Riots broke out and hundreds of people were injured.

In the north of the country, 3,000 students were expelled and nine teachers for helping them to cheat.

Featured Image Credit: Nagorik TV

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