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Mum Throws Daughters An '18 In Quarantine' Birthday Party And It's Absolute Goals

Mum Throws Daughters An '18 In Quarantine' Birthday Party And It's Absolute Goals

Jess and Toris Hughes were celebrating their 18th in isolation – so their mum pulled out all the stops.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

It's no secret that isolation has effed up most of our summer plans, but lockdown can be a particularly rough time for people celebrating birthdays.

Elaborate birthday bonanzas, big nights out on the town and meticulously-planned city breaks have all be cancelled in the wake coronavirus.

Most have made do with a simple birthday cake, a family Zoom calls and postponed plans - but not Jess and Toria Hughes.

The twin sisters from Edinburgh, who turned 18 on April 12th, were shocked on the morning of their birthday to discover their mum had decked out their entire house for a special themed '18 in Quarantine' party.

And it is excellent.

Jess and Toria Hughes were celebrating their 18th in isolation (
Jess Hughes)

Black and luminous yellow balloons covered the house, while striped police tape adorned the windows and gates for the 'no entry' vibe, and massive signs read 'Quarantine 18th birthday party - NONE OF YOU ARE INVITED'. SO good!

Meanwhile, inside mum Beverley had laid on a delicious spread of chocolate cakes, tinned booze, Easter Eggs and champagne - what more could you want?

"She had decorated the whole house and the outside while we were sleeping and I didn't have a clue!," Jess told Tyla.

Jess Hughes)

"When I got up in the morning I was so overwhelmed, and then my parents told us to go and look outside and the whole front was done as well."

She added: "I had no idea my mum was going to go to they lengths she did but my mum is so creative and I'm not surprised she went above and beyond for my identical twin sister and I."

As for the neighbours reaction, Jess said it was all positive.

"We had loads of people taking pictures of the front and shouting 'happy birthday' as they went past! It really is an 18th to remember!"

Beverley Hughes even did up the outside of the house, too (
Jess Hughes)

We LOVE this idea, and think Beverley deserves a medal for her creativity.

Featured Image Credit: Jess Hughes

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