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People Love How This Pub Responded To A One-Star Review

People Love How This Pub Responded To A One-Star Review


Sometimes taking criticism isn't easy, especially when you're running a business.

But one pub managed to see the funny side of a negative review it received, making light of the comments on its chalk board outside the premises.

Yep, the Anglers Rest in Ballyconnell, Ireland, didn't shy away from the negative feedback it received, instead it plastered it right outside the front door.

Sharing a picture on Facebook, the pub wrote: "If you have no critics, you'll likely have no success".

The pub made light of the bad review (
Facebook/ Anglers Rest)

On the chalk board, a standout quote from the negative review, sent back in 2015, could be seen. The owners wrote: "Come in and meet the 'two young fellas who had absolutely no personality who seemed to be brothers'. Jane. M. on Trip Advisor".

They cheekily added: "Note: We are brothers".

The review slammed the pub's "pathetic service", and was supposedly from someone who lived twenty miles away.

The user, Jane, said she was rushed to make a booking before all her fellow guests had arrived (they were late).

The review later moaned: "Service was very mediocre with two young fellas who had absolutely no personality seemed to be brothers."

Her other gripes included receiving spray cream with her apple pie, although she did compliment the steaks.

The scathing review was published in 2015 (
Trip Advisor)

"Service leaves a lot to be desired," the review signed off. "Pity as we would have been in this place regularly and recently it is going downhill will be a while before we are back due to personality of two male staff and pathetic service”.


Responding to the pictures of the chalk board, shared on the public Anglers Rest Facebook page, people took their hat off to the pub's owners for taking the criticism on the chin.

"Very well played lads," one person wrote.

Meanwhile, another penned: "That's the correct way to deal with tw*ts like that. Brilliant".

The pub is a popular spot in the area (
Anglers Rest)

"Brilliant," someone else quipped in reply to the chalk board.

As a fourth reassured them: "Personally I think the 'two brothers' are the fellas who make the place. Always lovely customer service from you both, along with great food and a lovely atmosphere."

It seems like a lot of the reviews agree, too.

Take that, Jane. M!

Featured Image Credit: Trip Advisor/ Facebook: Angler's Rest

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