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Children's Poundland Pyjama Top Sparks Heated Debate

Children's Poundland Pyjama Top Sparks Heated Debate

Some mums weren't happy about the idea of kids wearing the PJ top - but others disagreed.

A mother has divided opinion after lashing out at Poundland for selling a kids' pyjama set with what she perceived to be a crop top.

The pink PJs, which are available for children as young as nine months old and up, come with a cute illustration of a butterfly on the top, and a pair of floral bottoms.

But one mum thought the top's design was completely inappropriate.

Sharing a picture of the PJs on Facebook she wrote: "This is by far not the worst case to use as an example. Poundland is selling a crop top for six to nine months onwards.

The kids crop top sent one mum into a rage (

"These are not pyjamas for the comfort of your own home on a six to nine-month-old baby.

"Perhaps a vest would cover the midriff but what about on a two-year-old as it goes up to 24 months.

"Is it just me? I find this really DISGUSTING."

The crop top sent one mother into a rage (

Responding in the comments, some mums agreed.

"Why would you put a nine month old in a crop top really?", one questioned.

As another wrote: "Kids clothes these days are awful overall and way too adult looking, personally wouldn't dress my kids in it. But each to their own".

However, others thought that the criticism was a little too far.

Poundland says the top isn't even cropped (

"Adults shouldn't be sexualising children's clothing. They are children. The problem lies with you," wrote one person in response.

While another concurred: "Clothes are just fabric, if you sexualise them no matter the age of person then you're no different than the people who blame the victim's outfits."

"We are supposed to teach people to be brave and strong. Not feed into the sexualising clothing and scare them into covering their whole body like a black sack," a third argued.

In response to the social media uproar, Poundland told the Daily Mail that the top wasn't even intended to be cropped, meaning all the outrage was really over nothing.

"We're bemused," a representative said. "This is just a T-shirt and leggings set that's a summer best-seller.

"What's more the leggings are high-waisted so when worn together, no midriff is on show. That's obviously why our customers like it."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/PA

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