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Policeman Defends Himself After Eating An Ice Cream After Tough Day

Policeman Defends Himself After Eating An Ice Cream After Tough Day

Chris took to Twitter to defend himself and his colleague.

A policeman has defended himself after stopping for an ice cream following a gruelling day at work.

Officer Chris took to social media to defend himself, explaining he and a colleague had faced three post-mortems in just 24 hours, after a major incident.

Chris took to social media to share the story (
Jam Press)

Chris explained the pair were feeling drained after the difficult day, but soon had some much-appreciated light relief when a little girl came over to chat.

The girl, three, showed them her teddy and gave them high fives and fist bumps, massively boosting the officers' moods.

But concerned it might not have looked ideal that the police officers were taking a break, Chris took to Twitter to share his story.

Posting a snap of the ice cream, he captioned the image: “Yesterday my colleague and I sat outside of a hospital, on the bonnet of my patrol car, each eating an ice cream.

Chris said it had been a difficult day (
Jam Press)

“While sat, we talked to a three-year-old girl who wanted to show us her teddy bear, and gave her a high five and a fist bump.

“She and her mum had no idea that the two of us had just stepped out of our 3rd post mortem in under 24hrs, following a major incident in our force area.

“We were mentally, physically & emotionally drained. But we were, are, and remain, committed to the investigation.

“So yeah, it may look to be two cops perched on a BMW patrol car eating an ice cream - but to us both it was so much more.

“Did it look good? Maybe not. Did it feel good? Absolutely.

“Eat the ice cream.”

The post was very popular, racking up over 1,000 likes.

One person said: “That’s what people on the outside don’t know. What you’ve just been through and how you’re handling it.

“Children can be the best medicine sometimes – even other people’s.”

Another pointed out: “Not forgetting the positive effect that is likely to have had on that little girl and maybe her mum who will remember you as two nice cops eating ice cream.”

“Super human no, a super human most definitely. It takes a very special human to pull on those boots day after day and face whatever is thrown at them,” added another.

Others posted messages of support (
Jam Press)

One tweeted: “Sounds like that 3yr old was a blessed moment of hope and happiness in an otherwise horrible day. Good work. Good choice of ice cream."

“Well it’s not just a job, it’s sight and sounds many others never see. Always take a mental break," added another.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press/Twitter

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