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Woman In Queue For Petrol Hilariously Orders Nando's To Her Car

Woman In Queue For Petrol Hilariously Orders Nando's To Her Car

A stroke of genius.

The petrol crisis is all anybody can talk about at the moment, with a combination of lack of lorry drivers and panic buying ensuring that people across the country aren't able to get the fuel they need to go about their daily activities.

This is leading to one thing: hefty queues at petrol stations.

But one woman chose to make the most of her wait for petrol by ordering a takeaway to her car.

We like her thinking!

The deliveroo driver pulled up at her window (

Lily Potkin, 40, found herself trapped in "the mother of all queues" as she tried to fill up her car on Tuesday lunchtime amid the ongoing shortage.

The mum-of-three quickly got peckish as she waited, prompting her "genius" idea to order a Nando's chicken wrap and peri-peri chips from Deliveroo... straight to her car.

Lily said: "It was really funny. The people behind me saw him delivering it and the mood changed.

"Everyone was really aggy and then I could see all the people behind me cracking up. They were just in hysterics."

Lily also got a visit from her aunt, who lives down the road and brought her more snacks as she waited in the queue in Kingsbury, northwest London.

Lily added: "I joined the queue just before lunchtime. My car was on zero and I've got to do the school run.

"Everything in me was saying 'go home you idiot' as I was sat there getting so hungry.

"It took me an hour to get around one side of a roundabout.

"I sat there and I thought about what my husband was having for lunch and got really hungry.

The petrol crisis is currently gripping the nation (

"The traffic was moving so slowly so I thought I could get a Deliveroo where I was.

"I put the delivery pin a little bit further down the road and he just pulled up right outside my window."

Lily, who works at a tech firm, documented her Nando's delivery in a Twitter thread, where she dubbed herself a "genius" - and tbh, we have to agree.

Other social media users praised Lily as an "absolute hero" and thanked her for brightening up their days.

One said: "Well done on the Nando's, your lovely aunt, and the petrol x"

While another agreed: "Fantastic! Well done on finally getting fuel! Loved the Nando's and Auntie food deliveries - absolute genius"

"Lily this is spectacular," wrote somebody else.

Lily, who works at a tech firm, said that the petrol station was "absolutely mental" when she finally arrived two hours after leaving her home.

Queues went on for two hours (

She could only fill up with £35 of fuel due to new restrictions and even got stuck behind someone who had put the wrong fuel in their car.

Lily said: "It's like the hunger games. The forecourts are filled with people with their fuel canisters.

"There are normal people marshalling others around the station.

"It's a really charged atmosphere."

Save this idea for next time you're stuck queuing for petrol... you're welcome.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS