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Mum Explains How She 'Timed' Her Birth So That She Could Finish Homeschooling Her Eldest

Mum Explains How She 'Timed' Her Birth So That She Could Finish Homeschooling Her Eldest

She credits an "intense" Netflix series for slowing her contractions.

A mum has explained how she managed to time the birth of her baby so she had time to finish homeschooling her eldest child and get her toddler to sleep first.

The multitasking mother had been guiding her five-year-old daughter Azaria through her last day of the school term while trying to get her two-year-old son Buddy to sleep when she started to feel contractions.

While her husband Richard was at work, and ambulances were scarce due to pandemic pressures, 34-year-old Emma Hollingsworth was forced to take matters into her own hands.

A mum postponed the birth of her son to help homeschool her eldest child. (
Jam Press)

The London mum decided that the best course of action was to get on with her day and try to slow down her labour.

She did this buy getting into bed and tuning political drama Scandal.

Emma, who had already had two home births with her eldest children, told Jam Press: "Richard came down at 10.30 and I said I think I’m in labour, so I got into bed and watched Scandal on the iPad because it’s a bit tense and not relaxing so I thought it might slow down my contractions a bit! 

Emma credits intense Netflix drama Scandal to the slowing of her contractions. (
Jam Press)

"I stayed in bed too as every time I stood up they starting coming thick and fast."

While her priority had been getting her son Buddy to sleep for 6pm, her eldest daughter Azaria stayed up and acted as a helped when Emma delivered her son Boaz just an hour and a half later.

She explained: "I had an amazing doula who arrived around 6pm, just before the first midwife.

Just an hour and a half after putting her toddler to bed, Emma gave birth to a baby boy. (
Jam Press)

"The second midwife arrived when my son's head was out.

"My husband had to leave me for a second to run to the door quickly before his body came out too, three minutes later!"It wasn't until 9pm that Emma's toddler Buddy woke up to learn that he had a new brother.

Scandal. (

"He had just had a very late nap, and he was very surprised to see what had happened!" the mother-of-three recalled.

"He wasn’t talking much yet but he was just really confused and excited - he started dancing around, it was very sweet."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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