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Crafty Mum Creates Hilarious Hack To Encourage Kids To Wash More

Crafty Mum Creates Hilarious Hack To Encourage Kids To Wash More

This is genius!

A mum has come up with a sneaky hack to encourage her children to wash properly.

Joanne Mccabe, 45, from Swansea, had been looking for stocking filler ideas for her kids - Paige, 27, Nathan, 20, and Freddie, 10 - when she came up with the crafty idea.

One mum came up with a genius idea (
Deadline News)

The mum bought easy pour soap and a mould, and created a bar of clear soap with £5 notes wrapped in cellophane inside each bar. Genius!

"I tried soap making for the first time six weeks ago to keep myself busy and I really enjoyed it so I made some to give as gifts to keep the cost of Christmas presents to a minimum for the family," says Joanne.

“Then, I thought about my children's Christmas stockings. I wanted to give them something a bit different this year and thought how funny it would be to give them money that they can't get straight away.

“I thought ‘well money is plastic’ so I tried one first and it worked out perfectly so I made them one each.

"I don't know if they'll be impressed, I think they will be fuming they can't get to it straight away to spend it. It's a good idea for small children to encourage them to wash their hands with Covid cases back on the rise."

The five pound note is inside the soap (
Deadline News)

Photos show Joanne holding the soap, which she posted on social media. “Just an idea if you're looking for something a little different for a stocking filler made from easy-poured soap and wrapped in cellophane," she wrote.

“I'm going to have the cleanest kids around at Christmas.“

And other parents are loving the hack, with the post racking up over 2,300 likes and hundreds of comments.

One user said: “My kids are trampy and moan as I’m always on at them to wash their hands. This is genius.”

While another said: “I love this. So funny. This would drive my son mad.”

And a third added: “My four-year-old daughter would wait until I’m not looking, and grab something to cut it.

A fourth wrote: “Just thinking of all the ice cream she could get would drive her mad.”

And a fifth said: "I'm doing this for my lazy a*** kid. Love it."

Other parents were loving the idea (
Deadline News)

This is amazing!

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