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Mum Left Red-faced After ‘Delivery Mix Up’ Sees Her Almost Wrap Up Sex Toy For Son

Mum Left Red-faced After ‘Delivery Mix Up’ Sees Her Almost Wrap Up Sex Toy For Son

This could have ended up horribly wrong.

Kayley Stocker, 30 from Cambridge, had bought her three-year-old son Jenson Webdell a Spiderman lamp on Amazon for his birthday and was beginning to wrap up the gift for him. However, she noticed that she didn't receive exactly what she ordered...

After noticing its odd shape, Kayley opened it to check what was inside. There she found a sex toy instead of the superhero lamp.

Watch the clip below to see the toy in all its glory:

Did you see the way it flopped about and when she stuck her finger in it? Mortifying.

Kayley claims she found a vibrating fleshlight that makes "real orgasm sounds" and initially thought her partner, Adam Webdell, 32, had ordered the erotic item.

She later found out that Amazon had actually mixed up deliveries and the arrival of the sex toy had been a mistake. She was worried that if her son had been gifted it, he would have wanted to keep and take it to nursery.

Three-year-old Jenson nearly had a nasty surprise on his birthday (
Kennedy News & Media)

Kayley complained to Amazon and allegedly told her that she could keep the item but she did not want it.

Hilarious footage shows Kayley holding up the shocking discovery for the camera and jabbing her finger into its fleshy hole - before she claims she destroyed the toy and threw it out.

Kayley said: "I wouldn't be able to get it away from him so I'm lucky that my son isn't taking a flesh light to nursery with him."

Kayley was unable to decipher the writing on the packaging so had to open it up (
Kennedy News & Media)

Kayley was unable to read the packaging that had only Chinese writing on but soon found out what was inside the box. She claims that Amazon gave her a full refund for the £19.97 lamp and £5 in compensation after they found out what had happened.

Kayley said: "We switched it on to see what it does and it started vibrating all over the kitchen counter then we couldn't work out how to turn it off."

"I rang Amazon and told someone that I'd been delivered some kind of sex robot and he immediately put me on hold so I knew he was laughing.

Kayley says the toy claims to make "real orgasm sounds" (
Kennedy News & Media)

"Amazon said I could keep it but what was I supposed to do with it", Kayley further explained.

"Jenson loves anything superhero so I was fuming because he really wanted the lamp and the flesh light had taken three weeks to turn up so I had to get him something else but I found it funny in the end."

Amazon has confirmed that the situation has since been resolved.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News & Media

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