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Mother-In-Law Shames Bride’s Unconventional Wedding Dress Choice

Mother-In-Law Shames Bride’s Unconventional Wedding Dress Choice

Your wedding, your choice!

A bride has taken to Reddit for advice after explaining her mother-in-law shamed her choice of wedding dress.

Taking to the forum to vent over her experience, the bride explained she had chosen a black and red dress to match her gothic, Victorian-style wedding. But it wasn't to her mother-in-law's taste.

A bride has taken to Reddit for advice after explaining her mother-in-law shamed her choice of wedding dress (

She wrote: "So for some context. I’m 21f and my fiancé is 20m. And pretty much everyone in my family whose opinion was important to me knew my wedding dress was not going to be a single shade of white. Not even a speck of it on my dress.

"My dress is black and red. We want a gothic, Victorian wedding. And she’s not having it.

"Now onto the big story - the players are MIL, my fiancé (Hubby) and me (OP). So my MIL calls her son out of the blue this is what issues.

"MIL- 'hey, is [the poster] home?' HUBBY - 'no she’s at work. Why?'

"MIL - 'oh okay. Just a few quick questions about the wedding' (she winced at the word wedding. She doesn’t care for me too much).

"HUBBY - 'okay. What’s up' MIL - 'do you know what color her dress is. Please tell me it’s white'.

One bride took to Reddit to ask for advice (

"HUBBY - 'you know she doesn’t want a white dress. All I know is it’s black and red'.

"MIL - 'that’s such bad luck you know. She should wear white'.

"HUBBY - 'when have you EVER known [poster] to wear white willingly?' MIL - 'you should TELL her to wear white. I want to be able to put up your wedding photos proudly you know'.

"HUBBY - 'I’m not going to tell her what to wear on OUR wedding day'.

"MIL - 'whatever. Regardless. Natural hair colors all right'.

"HUBBY - 'we’re not doing that either.'


"HUBBY - 'then DON'T put our pictures of the wedding up'.

"We have yet to tell her about the big surprise of the wedding.

"This is not the first. Nor the last time she has or will make a comment about the choices for our wedding any tips to keep a MILZILLA off my back? Or at least at bay until afterwards."

The bride asked for advice after struggling with her mother-in-law (

And other users were quick to offer advice, with one person writing: "The best advice I can give is to put her on an information diet. Does she really need to know the color of your dress or what it looks like? Not really, so don't tell her.

"At this point, she obviously already knows, but you get the idea. Also, don't take anything she says personally or seriously.

"My MIL told my mom and bridal party two days before our wedding, in front of me, that she wasn't excited for my husband and me to get married.

"Was it disappointing to hear? Sure. But did I take it personally? Absolutely not. She sucks."

While another said: "LOL. This reminds me of my wedding. My ex-husband’s grandmother kept referring to my bridesmaids as 'Ladies of the Night.' She even approached my MOH (her granddaughter) to ask how much she earned per hour, and if it was 'worth the shame.' We still laugh about it to this day."

And one added: "Thank goodness your future husband is on the same page as you and apparently has no problem standing up to his mother. Since MIL has obvious issues with you and the wedding dress/theme you and your future hubby have selected, she might be better off not being there."

Your wedding, your rules, right?!

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