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Women Are Sharing The Dumbest Things Men Have Said About Their Bodies

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Women Are Sharing The Dumbest Things Men Have Said About Their Bodies

There's many strong arguments for men having to sit in on women's health classes at school, but maybe the strongest one is that they just don't know how anything works.

Grown men with girlfriends, wives, sisters, mothers, friends... scores seem to lack total knowledge on how women's bodies actually function - and this Twitter thread is even more proof of that.

It's a terrible time for reproductive health and reproductive rights all round, given the change in stance on abortion in a number of US states.


So it's more important than ever for men to pay attention to these things, and now one mum has highlighted the ignorance by opening up Pandora's Box on Twitter.

Writing on the social media platform, @brownandbella asked: "Women, what is the dumbest thing a man ever said to you about sex, reproductive health, menstruation, etc? Let's laugh at these dummies together!"


The conversation took some pretty funny, but pretty ignorant and depressing turns, as one user replied: "I bled a *little* on a guy while having sex in college and apologized when I noticed.

"He screamed at me that this "can only happen when you have an std," kicked me out of his dorm, and fb messaged me accusing me of giving him AIDS for like a month."


Another wrote: "Dude had a headache, and I offered him Advil. He pauses and asks 'will the medicine know where to go? You know, because I don't have girl parts.'"

But it wasn't just periods that some men appear to have no idea about.

"When I was about 15 a boy told me when women orgasm their vaginas shut tight for up to an hour afterwards during which time the penis couldn't be freed. And this was why it was safer for women not to orgasm," said one user.


One thing is clear - it seems like it's up to us to educate the men in our lives as they're certainly not learning about these facts elsewhere.

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Marianne Eloise
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