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Woman Told "No Wonder Women Get Raped" After Showing Off Homecoming Dress

Woman Told "No Wonder Women Get Raped" After Showing Off Homecoming Dress

TikTok user Grace shared some of the comments she'd received on her "inappropriate" outfit.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

*Trigger warning: rape*

A social media user was told it was no wonder women get raped after her boyfriend's mum posted her homecoming photos to Facebook.

TikTok user Grace took to the social media channel to share some of the comments she'd had since the photos of the young couple were posted.

See the TikTok here:

"I loved how my pics for homecoming came out," the on-screen message read. "My boyfriend's mom posted them on Facebook."

"This was the feedback on the photos..." she continued, revealing a slew of comments she'd had discussing her outfit.

Sadly, Grace's outfit - consisting of a black dress and red heels - was met with some judgey comments.

"Whew my mama woulda killed me if I dressed like that," said one. "and my Dad would have killed my date if he put his hands on my lower half."

Another person commented: "These pictures are way too grown up."

Meanwhile a third person remarked: "That dress is inappropriate. You don't have to show private parts to get attention. You will get the wrong kind of attention.

"Girls wonder why they get raped. Don't dress like you are asking for it."

Grace's homecoming photos (

"Wow. Did her parents see her in that?," wrote another. "Way too short and looks trashy on such a pretty girl. Leave something to the imagination, no need to put it ALL out there."

Alongside the lyrics "I don't relate to you," Grace pointed out the hurtful comments on screen, rolling her eyes at some of them.

The video has had over 2.2 million views so far, with many of them supportive of Grace and calling out the commenters for sexualising the teen.

The TikTokker shared some of the comments she'd received (

"Parents are so concerned about bullying yet are fine with it when it's their middle-aged self bullying minors," said one commenter.

"Raise your hand if you didn't even notice the dress or length b/c you don't feel the need to sexualise people and view them as objects," said another.

"Notice it's all older women hating on a younger woman too..."

One of the many shocking comments Grace received (

"They are all sexualising you. THEY are the problem."

"I think the photos are beautiful and the dress now that it's brought to my attention due to Karens" wrote another.

We quite agree!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mgraceblumfield

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