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Woman Left Shocked By Man's Fat-Shaming Comment On Bumble

Woman Left Shocked By Man's Fat-Shaming Comment On Bumble

A woman's tweet about a man's vile fat-shaming on the dating app Bumble has gone viral.

Charlotte Forrester

Charlotte Forrester

Florence Simpson sent an innocent message on the dating app Bumble. She sent it to a guy she had already matched with, but the vile response was not what she was expecting.

In a bid to start a lively conversation, Florence chose to open with a light-hearted question.

"Okay, picture this. You're off to big Tesco & ask if I want anything. I say 'surprise me'. What are you bringing home?'," she asked.

However, the guy did not send a very funny joke back to her.

In response, the potential suitor, named "Ben" replied: "Slimfast".

Flo tweeted out the fat-shaming response to thousands of Twitter followers (
Florence Simpson)

Flo didn't entertain the fat shaming comment, simply replying: "Lovely."

She didn't let this upset her, though. Last Saturday, she took a screenshot of the chat and tweeted it out to her thousands of followers with the caption: "Don't you just love men.

"No judging my opening question okay it normally gets hilarious responses!".

The tweet then went viral and at the time of publication has received over 800 retweets, nearly 400 quote tweets and over 29,000 likes.

Flo decided not to let this sort of comment upset her (
Florence Simpson)

"I would like to reiterate as some people don't seem to understand. I do not care if he doesn't find my body type attractive. I care that he consciously chose to match with me just to be rude to me", 21-year-old Flo clarified later in a reply to her tweet.

People flooded the original tweet with positive replies offering support to Flo.

One Twitter user replied: "Every part of him and his response is unacceptable. I'm sorry that this has happened."

As another said: "He doesn't pass the vibe check".

Twitter users flocked to the replies to offer support to Flo (
Florence Simpson)

Others related to Flo's experience on dating apps.

"The amount of times that it's happened to me! Someone compared me to Miss Piggy before and like, just don't match me," someone else told her on Twitter.

Meanwhile, another woman recalled: "I matched with a guy, started chatting, he asked me to go for a coffee and then made a fat joke about me to my face. As if he didn't know what I looked like when he asked me out. It's honestly baffling.".

Flo hasn't let the fat shaming comment get to her and handled it like a true pro, but isn't it disturbing that she's far from the only one who has experienced trolling like this?

Fair play to her for shrugging off such nasty trolling.

Oh, and we think we'll be stealing that Big Tesco opener...

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Florence Simpson

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