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​UK Workers Spend More Than Half Their Day Skiving

​UK Workers Spend More Than Half Their Day Skiving

The secret is out.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

If you're the type that feverishly beavers away from the minute you arrive at work until the minute you leave, you might well be in the minority.

It turns out, UK workers spend more than half their day skiving which involves everything from spending extra time in the loo, to making unnecessary hot drinks, browsing YouTube and nattering away on WhatsApp.

A study by Casino Kings took a deep dive into Britain's working habits and found that one in five workers spend around 20 hours a week not really working - they must have it down to a fine art.

Most of us have done it though. A sly text to a pal, a cheeky toilet nap, an extra vape to escape and a few more water breaks than we'd ever need.

But where precisely is all that time spent? Looks like YouTube is the biggest distraction, with 19 per cent spending over an hour on the video streaming site every day whilst in the office.

One in five workers spend over half their time not working (
Casino Kings)

Whilst the second most favoured time wasting activity is to talk about non work-related topics. Got to get your kicks somewhere, right?

As you may have imagined, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also time stealers, with six to seven per cent of people spending over an hour on the sites.

We feel you, eight hour days can be taxing.

It turns out a lot of people escape in the toilet too. Five minutes of peace - you really cannot beat it in the office - even if it means you need to head somewhere as uninviting as a shared bathroom.

Eight hour days can be taxing, which is probably why 20 per cent of people spend 30 minutes or more in the loo per day (

One in five workers spend over 30 minutes a day in total skiving in the loo, with 69 per cent using the time to log into Facebook to check out what their pals are up to. Presumably also hiding in a loo at their respective office?

But naturally, whilst we all need a few minutes of peace and quiet here and there, 20 hours a week time wasting sounds significant and it is in terms of the numbers.

The UK economy is losing £294billion every year due to the missing hours - ouch.

Maybe reduce those toilet trips to a few less before your boss starts noticing perhaps?

Nine per cent of workers kill over one hour per day on Whatsapp whilst meant to be working (

Whilst we knew everyone likes a little skive every now and then, the amount is quite significant, but what we were really shocked by is that people aren't just taking time away from their employers, but actively stealing too.

The study asked people to vote on which workplace items they're most likely to nick (voting for as many as they wished) and 65 per cent said a laptop and 54 per cent voted for money. Guys, this isn't cool.

We're less surprised by the 69 per cent of votes for stationery - a few pens are vital to working anyway, aren't they?

It worryingly sounds like more people than first imagined would be willing to steal a work laptop (
Casino Kings)

Not everyone agrees. Using them in the office is one thing, but a recent study by YouGov found "one in eight employers consider theft of minor office stationery like pens and pencils a very serious matter".

Think twice next time you think you desperately need some new highlighter pens.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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