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TikTok Hack Proves We've Been Watering Plants Wrong Our Whole Lives

TikTok Hack Proves We've Been Watering Plants Wrong Our Whole Lives

We don't know about you, but we'd pretty much accepted we're just not cut out to be plant parents.

Try as we might, our cheese plant just isn't looking very happy, we've somehow managed to kill succulents, and even the cactus on our bedroom window is starting to droop.

But just when we resigned ourselves to buying a set of plastic plants and calling it a day, we came across a watering hack on TikTok, and it's literally changed everything.

Introducing 'bottom watering', the new trick doing the rounds on the video sharing platform, which guarantees healthy plants, even if you don't have green fingers.


The idea is you dunk the plants into a glass pot of water, one by one, and allow them to drink up as much as they need.

Each consumes a different amount of water, so it's a great way to ensure that they all get their fill.


First demoed by TikTokker, @0witchhunt10, the video has since one viral - and it's now even doing the rounds on Twitter, too.

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"Wow. I've never seen anybody water their plants like this. This is really smart. The plants only take what they need and the top isn't overly saturated," one person wrote on the platform.

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While another penned: "My grandma waters her plants like this, I also highly recommend it for succulents too as I seem to always overwater mine".

Joking about how little water the cactus needed, a third wrote: "That cactus was like IM NOT THIRSTY". LOL.

Plant parents, take note (Credit: Unsplash)
Plant parents, take note (Credit: Unsplash)

So, how does bottom watering it actually work?

The ideas is that it helps plants' roots grow stronger, seeing as the moisture is able to soak upwards, through them.

Bottom watering works on indoor and outdoor plants when done correctly. You just need to remember these simple tips:

  • Use distilled or filtered water, as tap water can sometimes contain too much chlorine.
  • Make sure your planter has at least one (preferably more) drainage holes, to allow the soil to absorb the water.
  • Leave each plant in the water for 10 minutes, then check the soil's moisture level to see if it has drank up enough water. If the soil still appears dry under the surface, keep the planter in the water for up to 20 minutes longer.
  • Don't overwater your plant! Yes, it likes water, but too much soaking can cause root rot.
  • You should still occasionally top water your plant too (i.e. water the top of the soil) as this gets rid of excess oils and salts.

This is literally a game-changer.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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