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This Laundry Hack Will Save Your Dingy Whites

This Laundry Hack Will Save Your Dingy Whites

Why have we never tried this before?!

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

There's nothing better than a good TikTok hack and now fashion stylist and TikToker Christie Moeller has shared a very unique way to make sure your white laundry stays white in the wash.

All you need is a basin filled with warm water and denture cleanser. Yep, you heard that right.

You can watch Christie's video below:

Christie drops two denture tablets into the water and lets them dissolve. Then she submerges her white clothing into the solution in the basin and lets it soak for half an hour.

Denture cleaning tablets are used to keep dentures clean and white. They have properties to keep other white objects clean, such as clothes, by breaking down stains.

After the clothes are soaked, Christie takes them to the washing machine and washes the clothes as normal.

Once the cycle is done Christie promises that the clothes will be "whiter and brighter" than before.

Viewers descended to the comments section where they praised the novel hack. "I swear I learn something new everytime I see your page! I love it!" commented one user.

A second user said: "Smart! I'm going to try this."

Christine's hack should help to keep white clothes bright (

While a third TikTok user said: "Ooo perfect hack!! I will definitely be using this one this summer!!"

Christie noted in the comments section that the hack does not remove stains such as hair dye or very deep armpit stains. However the hack should work for those looking for a way to keep their white clothes bright.

In related news, taking to TikTok to share their top tips about keeping your tresses healthy, hair expert @sarahbrawleyhair demonstrated the professional way to shampoo and wash your locks.

In the video, the TikTokker asks: "Are you using too much shampoo?

First, they recommend making sure the hair is completely wet through, before reaching over and squeezing out a walnut-sized blob of shampoo into the palm of their hand.

The stylist then works the shampoo between their hands to build it up, before applying to the hair.

Watch the video below:

Everyday's a school day with TikTok.

Featured Image Credit: Christie Moeller-TikTok

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