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Man Finds Terrifying Spider In His Garden That Looks Just Like Aragog From Harry Potter

Man Finds Terrifying Spider In His Garden That Looks Just Like Aragog From Harry Potter

If finding a huge spider in your back garden wasn't scary enough, this one looks like Harry Potter's Aragog.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Arachnophobes, look away now.

One man found the biggest spider in his back garden, and if that wasn't scary enough, it looks the spitting image of Aragog from Harry Potter.

Yep, when Reddit user u/noobshifu69 posted a picture of the creepy crawly, looking for information about what type of spider it could be, there were instead references to Hagrid's giant eight legged pet, whose species had a taste for human flesh.

The poster wrote: "What spider is this? Found it in my backyard."

"Isn't that the spider from Harry Potter?" a fellow user asked, as another fan of Hazza P responded: "Aragog, my old friend."

The spider was in the Reddit user's back yard (
Reddit/ u/noobshifu69)

"F**K!!!!! Damn near sh*t my pants. Not a fun scrolling experience. 2/10 would not reccomend [sic]," another person wrote.

While a fourth commented: "One that wants to ruin your day".

As you'd expect, the spider mostly triggered messages of distress and sheer terror among Reddit users, although some crazy followers found the giant insect "cute".

Some keen spider know-it-alls even had a go at identifying it properly - and it seems like they were pretty spot on.

"I think that is a wolf spider," one said, as another concurred.

According to The Wildlife Trusts, a wolf spider can be found in "a range of habitats" including gardens.

Terrifyingly, they hunt down prey by jumping on it like a wolf.

The spider was likened to Harry Potter's Aragog (
Harry Potter/Warner Bros)

Although, the good thing is, these spiders tend to keep other garden pests away, seeing as they eat them all.

"Once wolf spiders catch their prey, they either mash it up into a ball or inject venom into it, liquefying the internal organs into a wolf-spider smoothie," the National Geographic adds.

You can identify the creature by its 'eight dark eyes', which are arranged around their heads, with two larges ones at the top of the head, two at the front and four smaller eyes in a row just above its mouth.

"From deserts to rainforests, grasslands to suburban lawns, wolf spider thrive; there's likely one nearby," they add.

Fantastic. If you need us we'll be spending the day frantically avoiding Aragog.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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