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Woman Sparks Debate After Refusing To Let Friend Propose At Her Wedding

Woman Sparks Debate After Refusing To Let Friend Propose At Her Wedding

The disgruntled bride said that a pal proposing at her wedding would be stealing her thunder.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Your wedding is one of the most special moments of your life, so how would you feel about sharing it with your best friend?

We're not talking about a double wedding... one bride's pal wants to propose to her girlfriend during her nuptials.

As for whether that's heartwarming or downright inappropriate? Let's just say the jury is still out.

Sharing the dilemma on Reddit, it's clear the blushing bride was not too impressed when her friend shared her proposal plans.

"I (27f) am getting married at the end of the month and my childhood best friend and MOH (27f) has asked me if she can propose to her girlfriend at my wedding," she wrote.

One bride wasn't happy about sharing the limelight (

"She says that it would be nice if she could get engaged at my wedding because she is with her girlfriend because of me and my partner and it would be sweet to get engaged when we are celebrating our love and commitment to each other."

It was clear that the bride-to-be wasn't keen on the idea.

"I told her no because it's my wedding," she wrote. "So she said that I was being a selfish b*tch and I couldn't let her have this one good thing because I always had to make myself the centre of attention.

"I told her no again and that if she still wanted to propose at my wedding she better tell me now so I can get a new MOH, and that she is uninvited from the wedding."

Following their altercation, the woman added that she and the maid of honour hadn't spoken in a month.

The maid of honour wanted to propose to her girlfriend (

"My partner asked me if letting her propose our wedding would be such a bad thing and if I'm really willing to throw away a 20+ year friendship over it," she added.

"Most of our mutual friends are on my side but some of them are telling me that I should let her have this.

"I feel guilty because I have been the more outgoing one in our friendship so I tend to get most of the attention from other people."

She ended the post by asking whether she was in the wrong.

Reacting to the post, many people took the bride's side.

"I love how she thinks you're selfish for not wanting her to propose at YOUR wedding. Like, what?," one wrote.

"I'd keep her demoted and uninvited at this point. Sad, but honestly she doesn't sound like much of a friend."

The wedding has caused a rift between the friends (

"The comment about being the centre of attention was pretty insane since that is the whole point of a wedding," another agreed. "It may be 20 years of friendship, but it's the friend who went crazy."

"Right! its a day to celebrate THEIR LOVE not HERS," said somebody else. "And the fact that she got salty that she said no that that happening on her wedding day (a wedding her and her fiancé probably had to spend time funding and planning) just to have to also share their moment and day also celebrating someone else's love?

"Nah I'd be 'selfish' too. The friend should of been more understanding on OP's feelings about a very special day for OP and her fiancé."

Taking a different stance on the debate, a fellow Redditor wrote: "I dunno; if someone attending my wedding proposed to their partner in private, and they didn't announce it/make a big fuss about it, I'm not going to mind at all."

As another quipped: "What would be wrong with coordinating a time near the end of the event when the proposal could happen? OP has her day. It's about her. But things wind down at some point. People start to head out. Why not then?"

"I would be so happy of my friends got engaged at their wedding. It a day of love, the only way it can better is by adding more love," said a fellow supporter of the maid of honour.

As for who is in the right here, it seems the answer isn't clear cut...

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