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People Are Dressing Up As Rebekah Vardy And Colleen Rooney For Halloween

People Are Dressing Up As Rebekah Vardy And Colleen Rooney For Halloween

And here's everything you'll need to do it, too...

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Come Halloween, we normally turn to pop culture icons for outfit inspiration - but if you'd told us a month ago that this year it would be Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy, we wouldn't have believed you.

But it turns out the WAGs' recent public spat is proving an irresistable contender in the costume stakes.

The real-life horror show kicked off on earlier this month when Coleen, 33, released an explosive statement aimed at Rebekah, 37, in which the wife of footballer Wayne Rooney claimed Jamie Vardy's wife has been selling fake stories about her to the papers


It was high drama, and now with just ten days until Halloween, Tyla is lending a helping hand to those looking to imitate the WAGs.

Naturally, you could opt to go as Coleen or Rebekah, but this outfit works best as a duo - so we'd advise grabbing your bestie for this one.

As we know from social media memes aplenty, Coleen has been dubbed 'Wagatha Christie' on account of her A+ sleuth work, so her outfit will require a lot of detective references.

Skinny Dip London released a Wagatha Christie phone case shortly after the public row. (
Skinny Dip)

We're thinking a Sherlock-style magnifying glass or deer stalker hat will really drive this home, while a smartphone is an absolutely necessary prop - after all, this is where the Liverpudlian carried out all of her investigations.

You'll get extra points if your phone is donning Skinny Dip's Wagatha Christie phone case.

A deer stalker hat would make the perfect addition for Coleens. (

As for Mrs. Rooney's outfit, a plush tracksuit will do with an expensive-looking handbag in the crook of the arm. Otherwise, you could do a 'dressed up Coleen' and opt for a pair of skinny jeans, a nice blouse and heels.

If you don't have the components already lurking in your closet, then anywhere on the high street will be your saviour for this.

Another option is the 'supporting Coleen', easily achieved by wearing an England shirt with Rooney's number 10 on it

UKSoccerShop offers a range of football T-shirts perfect for your outfit
UKSoccerShop offers a range of football T-shirts perfect for your outfit

There's currently one on UKSoccershop for £16.76, down from £59.99, otherwise there are plenty of second hand options on eBay for around the £10 mark.

Just pair with skinny jeans, big sunglasses (we love this pair on eBay) and a large rock on your hand (fake, of course - here's a good option) for the WAG 'look'. Easy-peasy.

A pair of WAG-y sunglasses, such as these ones from eBay, will complete the outfit. (

Followers of the drama will know that Coleen's iconic Instagram post ended with the damning words "It's .........Rebekah Vardy's account." Therefore, Coleens could choose to wear these words on their person somewhere as part of their outfit.

A University of Liverpool student proved how this can be done simply with some card hung around the neck.

As for Rebekah, you'll want to have all of the similar accents (sunglasses, ring etc), just with a Leicester City football shirt (husband Jamie's team), or otherwise, an England shirt, both with the striker's number 9 on it.

Rebekahs can don an England or a Leicester City football shirt, as the WAG often does in support of her husband. (

It's also worth noting Rebekah is seven months pregnant right now. You can choose to use that information as you will.

For absolutely no confusion about who you're meant to be, we've come across these Coleen and Rebekah masks on eBay for just £5.49, while tons of bronzer, fake lashes and lipgloss will also do the trick if you want to be a bit more subtle about it.

Whichever woman you choose, you must be donning a huge bouncy blow-dry, because, WAGs.

These masks are a must for anyone doing a Coleen and Rebekah double act. (

This Halloween Coleen and Rebekahs are set to be what Harley Quinn was for 2016, so follow the above pointers to win the award for best costume at your party.

The drama kicked off on Wednesday 9th October when Coleen revealed she had orchestrated a stealthy 18-month sting operation on Instagram in a bid to sniff out the person leaking fake stories about her.

Coleen had been posting fake stories on her personal Instagram account, including stories about gender selection in Mexico and her home flooding, blocking all but one person from seeing them, and seeing if they made them into the papers.

In what will go down as one of the most dramatic revelations in social media history, the mum-of-four revealed the account that she's had narrowed down had been that of Rebekah's.

Rebekah has stringently denied the claims, posting a clap-back Instagram post in which she said "various people have had access to my insta [sic]" over the years.

The mum has since threatened legal action.

The dramz got just about everyone talking - from Keira Knightly to Piers Morgan - with endless memes and Vardy's name being Googled more than Brexit.

It's even spurned a spin-off musical of hit noughties WAG-based drama, Footballers' Wives.

Living for it.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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