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People Are Kicking Off Over Zara's £20 'Flower Bag'

People Are Kicking Off Over Zara's £20 'Flower Bag'

Would you buy it?!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Zara has released a flower-carrying bag - and people are pretty up in arms about it.

Posted on popular Instagram account @awkwardzara - which pokes fun at some of the retailer's most bonkers designs - the £20 bag has been created for the sole purpose of carrying your bouquet home.

The bag was posted on @awkwardzara (

"Zara's latest drop is for your essential items only: flowers, tennis rackets, baguettes, injured swans.

"The £19.99 flower holder range raises some vital questions: would anyone actually hand over £19.99 for this? And does anyone actually buy flowers often enough to necessitate a dedicated bag?!"

And people had some pretty strong (and hilarious) opinions in the comments section, with one person writing sarcastically: "Going to buy one for my husband to carry my service station flowers home in twice a year."

While another said: "Oh wow! Just when you think they can't be any more random."

It comes in two colours, too (

And a third joked: "Finally a bag to carry my injured swans."

"I'm so pleased I can carry around my injured swans nicely now," added a fourth.

Although the comments were from many people poking fun at the bag, some admitted they were surprisingly drawn to it.

One person admitted she loved it "but didn't know why" while another said: "Love that it comes in two colours too - decisions, decisions!!"

The bag is available in both a floral embroidered style and a plain, stone colour, with another person adding: "Is it bad that I want one of these and pretend I go wildflower picking for my country kitchen!?"

The bag is priced at £19.99 (

The hilarious account is known for flagging some of Zara's most bizarre styles. Last month, we told you how Zara was getting mocked after shoppers believe it 'photoshopped Lego hair' onto one of its models.

Spotted over on Instagram page @awkwardzara, people were seriously confused over the image.

"The weirdest thing about this Lego hair on the Zara homepage rn is that the model actually has a great fringe anyway (see last pic), so all signs point towards the Lego hair shots either being an overlooked photoshop fail OR someone's kid has seized the iPad and gone to down with the paint tool or is it intentional?!" The account wrote.

"Additional theories welcome..."

Shoppers are confused over the 'lego hair' (

The post explained how, in other images, the model in question has a decent/normal looking fringe.

But followers were quick to point out that actually, the 'Lego fringe' could in fact be a hat that is launching on the site soon.

We have to admit, we were mega confused over this one!

Featured Image Credit: Zara

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