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You Can Now Buy Yankee Candle Bouquets For Your Valentine

You Can Now Buy Yankee Candle Bouquets For Your Valentine

Who needs flowers when you can have candles?

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Don't get us wrong, we love a bunch of flowers as much as the next girl. But frankly, on Valentine's Day, being handed a couple of bog standard roses just seems a little unimaginative.

So, when we heard you could now buy Yankee Candle bouquets, some *serious* hints were dropped.

Available from Celebrate Gifts, the bouquets are packed full of faux flowers, an array of beautifully scented candles and a selection of your favourite type of chocolate, or even fizz.

This Yankee Candle bouquet makes the perfect Valentine's present (
Celebrate Gifts)

Prices start at just £26.95, and for that you can get your hands on bouquet filled with faux roses, a cute little candle holder and some mini Yankee candles. Dreamy.

If you want to push the boat out there are plenty of options too, including top of the range bouquets which cost £36.95, and come packed with fancy Lindor chocolates and Ferrero Rochers. Yum.

Unsurprisingly, the bouquets have incredible reviews online.

The bouquets are also stuffed with chocolate (
Celebrate Gifts)

One shopper wrote: "Great staff and great quality products. If i could i would give them 10 stars!!! 1 happy customer".

While, upon receiving their order, another gushed: "Wonderfully packed and absolutely perfect. I really couldn't be happier! Will definitely be ordering again".

If candles aren't your thing, some others are mixing up the classic floral bouquet by stuffing it with chicken nuggets instead.

The delicious sounding concept has been around for a while, but it has emerged as a growing trend on Instagram over the last few months.

People are hand crafting the gifts by putting the nugs on cocktail sticks and arranging them in the same way you would with a floral bouquet.

Some of the bouquets are made up purely of nuggets while others have chips or chocolate treats mixed in too.

Take note, bae. Flowers are *so* 2019.

Featured Image Credit: Celebrate Gifts

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