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Women Are Sharing Why They Chose Not To Have Kids

Women Are Sharing Why They Chose Not To Have Kids

"I enjoy money and silence."

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

People on Reddit are sharing the reasons why they decided not to have kids - and we can relate to so many of the answers.

Thousands responded to the thread, which was titled 'To those who NEVER want to have a child, what are your reasons?'

People on Reddit are sharing the reasons why they decided not to have kids (

One person wrote: "I'm stingy. I don't want something that takes up the majority of my life for the foreseeable future."

Meanwhile another added: "Since I am the oldest I call my experience 'the free trial' and to make things short I don't like it."

Another eldest sibling agreed, adding: "Oldest of four here. I've done my time."

And one added: "I'm not 100 per cent sure I'll never have kids but this is the reason why I don't want them anytime soon. As the oldest daughter I've spent so much time taking care of my family and being 'the responsible one' that I just want to live my own life and have fun as an adult."

Some simply said they like peace and quiet! (

Meanwhile, one person added that they had never wanted kids and only questioned it in their thirties.

"I've never wanted kids. All growing up as a child. Didn't care for them. Couldn't believe all the girls I knew that liked babysitting. As a teen still didn't like kids.

"Some unknowing family members said I'd grow out of it and want a family of my own. My parents knew otherwise. College still hasn't changed my mind. Life past college still nope. Only now in my mid-thirties do I question if I made the right decision seeing all my female family members pregnant or with kids and looking at when I get old and have no one.

"But that thought lasts all of five seconds and I go back to not wanting to bring up an adult into this world. I guess that's what I look at. I don't see it as having children but as having adults."

One other user responded: "Your comment may have just brought me from 'maybe' to 'probably not' in regards to having kids. It's so simple but I've never thought of it that way."

Some said kids are too expensive (

Another commenter simply said: "I don't have the patience to deal with them" and one added: "F***in' expensive" and a third said: "I love peace and quiet."

One added that having a pet had actually made them less likely to want kids.

"Having a cat has made me even more unlikely to want kids. She's so low effort but it's still so much mental energy to sort out her meals and care every day."

One person shared a huge list of reasons, admitting they were terrified of pregnancy.

"I don't like the foreseeable future of the world, and I don't want my kid to have to struggle; I'm terrified of pregnancy; I'm terrified of everything that can happen to them once they're born; they're really expensive and hard to take care of; they're not gonna be cute babies forever and I'm afraid of not liking them later on; I'm afraid of having a girl and not want her cause I really only would like to have a boy; a kid is really the only thing that ties you up to a place and a job and I just don't want to go through the gross stuff."

Sounds fair enough to us! You can see the full thread here.

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