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Women Hailed As Heroes After Images Emerge Of Them Dining In Hailstones

Women Hailed As Heroes After Images Emerge Of Them Dining In Hailstones

The two women refused to give up on their meal despite the heavy rainfall.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

Two heroic diners have been hailed the 'most determined in Britain' after enjoying their lunch and a glass of wine while drenched in rain and hailstones.

The two women were spotted wearing coats and plastic waterproof ponchos as they huddled together under a table - all while rain and hailstones battered them outside a restaurant in Manchester on Tuesday afternoon.

Passer-by Jenny Colebourn took a photo of the two diners who were tucking into a bowl of chips and were surrounded by empty tables, ready for all weathers.

Jenny, 24, had been walking home through Cutting Room Square in Ancoats when she spotted the "really funny" sight, saying it looked like a "piece of art".

Passer-by Jenny Colebourn took the photo of the two diners (
Kennedy News and Media)

She said: "They were head-to-toe drenched. It was really funny.

"It was right in the middle of the massive hailstorm. It was torrential weather. Hail and really windy."

But she hailed their efforts as heroic for braving the bad weather.

"It's true British style to be out there having a good time in all weathers," she said. "It's so British to be like 'we've got our booking, we're going to go'."

Jenny added: "[The restaurant] had put out the tables, put up the umbrella, just for these two girls to sit under there.

"I saw the server bringing out food. She ran out, put the food down on the table and the women were both sat there in absolute gales."

Jenny said the image looked like a
Jenny said the image looked like a

Jenny added that she noticed the women were eating garlic bread, chips and had a glass of red wine each, in what was "torrential" rain.

In fact, the rain was so bad that other restaurants had already closed up for the day, says Jenny.

"The square is normally heaving but there was no one there. I thought it looked incredible," she said. "It just looked like a piece of art."

Others also praised the women for their brave efforts. A Manchester based food account called the duo "winners", while others said they were "legends" and said they "love their resolve."

We salute these women for braving the weather!

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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