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A Third Of Mums Say They Are At 'Breaking Point' Due To Unpaid Labour

A Third Of Mums Say They Are At 'Breaking Point' Due To Unpaid Labour

Only 12 per cent of mums say they put their own mental health first in new findings from Mothersphere.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Working from home and homeschooling is said to have left many mothers feeling like they're at 'breaking point', according to a new study.

Research from Mothersphere has found that over half (53 per cent) of women surveyed feel that they are in "dire need" of self-care during lockdown.

Plus, during the pandemic, combining working from home and home-schooling has pushed 33 per cent to "breaking point," as the stressors of lockdown reach their limits.

The survey also found that 12 per cent of mums put their own needs or mental health first ahead of anyone else in the family.

Mothers say juggling childcare and home working is tiring (

Plus, 14 per cent of women admitted that they consider their needs to come last in the household - even behind those of the family pet.

Not only this, but two thirds of mothers in the UK (65 per cent) are feeling the effects of the "pandemic juggle", after taking on more than their fair share of unpaid labour, like childcare, on top of their every day jobs.

The remaining third split these responsibilities equally with their partner, but - shockingly - not a single respondent stated that their male partner did more unpaid labour than them.

The findings also unsurprisingly exposed the fact that respondents in a younger age bracket were more likely to have an equal split at home (43 per cent aged 16-29) when compared with older respondents.

Women are finding themselves as 'breaking point' (

In fact, 72 per cent of 45-49 year olds were likely to have taken on more than their partner, highlighting a real and promising generational shift when it comes to gender equality.

That being said, the fact the scales are so unevenly balanced across the board is still troubling.

Women who took part in the study said they found it "frustrating" that becoming a mother had forced them to slip into 'traditional' household roles.

Tanya Candy, co-founder of Mothersphere - a global motherhood platform which empowers mothers to prioritise their wellbeing - said: "It is no surprise that mums have been under so much pressure trying to balance home-schooling and work during lockdown, but the statistics showing that a third of mums are at breaking point is worrying.

"We all know that we can't pour from an empty cup, but still we are seeing that mothers are placing their own wellbeing at the bottom of the pile, and in some cases, even below that of the family pet."

Caroline Desmarais, co-founder of Mothersphere adds: "These survey findings show that mothers really do need more support, especially at this crucial time.

"We have witnessed first-hand the positive impact that Mothersphere is having, by offering additional support to mothers. We are hopeful that mothers can now see the importance of prioritising their wellbeing."

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