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Woman Threatens To Uninvite Parents From Her Wedding If They Don't Contribute Financially

Woman Threatens To Uninvite Parents From Her Wedding If They Don't Contribute Financially

The woman asked for advice on Reddit - and other users had some pretty strong opinions.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

A bride-to-be has caused quite the stir on Reddit, after revealing she plans on uninviting her parents from her wedding, unless they contribute financially.

The poster shared her story on the 'Am I The A** Hole' forum - and people had some very strong opinions.

The bride said she was planning on uninviting her parents (

She began by explaining that she had always had a "bad relationship" with her parents, adding: "They were never good at nurturing. They were disinterested in us unless they could get something through us.

"I'm getting married in May to the love of my life. When we started planning for the wedding, my parents made it clear that they didn't have the money nor the intention to pay for the wedding in any way.

"My fiancé and his parents are paying for about 80 per cent of it which is the religious ceremony, the venue (with table decorations and all), the food and the music, and I am putting the last 20 per cent, which is gonna be transportation with buses from the nearest big city to the venue, the photographer, the party favours, and my wedding dress/shoes/hair/makeup."

The woman explained she doesn't have a lot of money, and has only just gone back to work after being unemployed due to the pandemic.

"On Friday my sister called me to tell me that my parents have bought clothes for my wedding and that they have been bragging and showing it off to her," she continued.

"She told me it's really expensive over the top clothes with shoes and jewellery to go with it, and that they said that overall it had cost them close to 2,000 dollars. That made me angry, because they really didn't need to spend that much money on it, and if they had that money to spare I could have used it for the wedding.

"And maybe I'm vain but it bothers me that my parents are going to be better dressed than me on my wedding. On a deeper level, since they obviously do have the extra money it hurts me they didn't want to help with the wedding. I feel rejected and neglected, like I've always been with them."

The woman said she had always had a 'bad relationship' with her parents (

The bride-to-be continued by explaining she "doesn't want to put up with it anymore" and wants her parents to participate financially, or not come at all.

"I want them to participate financially to the wedding, even if it's just a small amount. My budget for party favours is 300 dollars and I want them to pay for that. And if they say they can't then I don't want them to come to my wedding," she said.

"They were never really family anyway, my family are my siblings and my friends, and my soon to be husband. I would like to have them there but under my terms, not theirs. I don't need them. And it might be petty, but if they refuse to pay I will feel vindicated because they would have wasted all this money on outfits they aren't going to wear, because they won't have the occasion."

And other users had some very strong opinions on the issue, with many commenting to say the bride had no right to demand her parents pay a penny toward the nuptials.

"YTA. It's your right to not invite your parents (or anyone) to your wedding," wrote one.

Other users said the woman had no right to demand they contribute (

"It's not your right to demand your parents (or anyone) to financially contribute to a wedding that you're choosing to have.

"Figure out whether you want your parents there at all, but leave the paying for your wedding out of it."

Another added: "YTA - If you can't afford an expensive wedding, don't have one. Stop relying on other people to pay for the lifestyle you can't afford."

"YTA, it truly doesn't matter what the details are... your parents don't automatically owe it to you to pay for your wedding because they bought new outfits to wear! If you can't afford the wedding you want (without assuming everyone in your family 'owes you') then you downsize or wait and save, like the vast majority of people," commented a third.

"Grow up already and stop acting like the wedding is a debt owed to you."

Others were more sympathetic, but urged the bride to focus on whether she wanted her parents there, not the financial side of the wedding.

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