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Woman Gives Birth On Flight With Doctor Sitting Nearby

Woman Gives Birth On Flight With Doctor Sitting Nearby

The IndiGo flight was in the air when a trained gynaecologist helped the mum welcome the little one.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A passenger went into early labour in the middle of the air on Wednesday, as the plane she was on was jetting over India.

As IndiGo's New Delhi to Bengaluru flight continued its journey, the pregnant woman was forced to go through labour while on the passenger jet, and without a midwife by her side.

However, she did have Dr Sailaja Vallabhaneni for assistance - a trained gynaecologist and obstetric surgeon, who was luckily sitting not far away.

Check out footage below:

Pictures, which have since been posted online, show flight crew members in PPE with the new mum and the tiny newborn baby.

One passenger, named Prabhu Stavarmath, tweeted: "Was on @IndiGo6E 6E 122 flight to BLR, woman gives birth mid-indiair, amazing team work of indigo flight attendants.

The baby was born on a flight to India (

"They setup a hospital in minutes and the new born cried mid-air. Dr Shailaja Vallabhani was fortunately on this flight! Thank you God and entire @IndiGo6E crew."

Meanwhile, another penned: "A baby boy was born on board Indigo flight from Delhi to Bangalore today. In all likely baby is getting life long free @IndiGo6E free ticket.

"Great work by Indigo crew today. Kudos to the team @IndiaToday".

A video taken when the flight landed in southern India shows the whole plan cheering when they made it onto land at 7:40 PM, after the eventful trip.

The new mum was allowed to fly because she was only 32 weeks pregnant, and not considered a high risk of going into labour, according to a report by The News Minute.

She was very lucky to have Dr Vallabhaneni nearby, seeing as the expert, who is currently working at Cloud Nine Hospitals in Bengaluru, India, has over thirteen years worth of experience.

She and her newborn child are happy and healthy, IndiGo has since confirmed.

The baby and new mum arrived on land to applause (

This isn't the first time a mother has welcomed a newborn on a flight. A baby was welcomed on a flighty heading to Alaska back in August of this year, and the mother aptly named the little one Sky as a tribute.

Plus, last month, EgyptAir flight MS777 from Cairo to London was forced to make an emergency landing when one passenger went into labour.

Despite all attempts to land on solid ground beforehand, the mum gave birth mid-air and the crew helped to welcome a baby girl, alongside a doctor who happened to be on board.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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