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Woman Discovers Boyfriend Is Cheating After Spotting Girl Posing In His Room On Depop

Woman Discovers Boyfriend Is Cheating After Spotting Girl Posing In His Room On Depop

This has to be up there with the ultimate Depop drama.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

A woman had the shock of her life when she saw her boyfriend's bedroom in the background of another woman's Depop photo.

The story, which was shared on Instagram page, @depopdrama, reveals how the woman in question found out her boyfriend had been cheating on her, through a random Depop image.

The drama was shared on Instagram page, @depopdrama (

In screengrabs shared on the account, the woman messaged the seller asking if she knew her boyfriend.

"Hey, weird question but do you know someone called [name crossed out]?" The message read.

And when the seller confirmed she did, the woman asked: "Was this photo taken in his room lol?"

And the situation went from bad to worse, when the seller replied: "Yeh it was because I left my stuff at his. Why do you ask? Do you know him?"

"YES I know him he's my boyfriend!!! Why was you even at his?" The woman replied.

And much to everyone's shock, the seller responded: "Omg babe I'm so sorry I didn't know! U still interested in the top tho? xxx".

"No, I'm not f***ing interested in the top."


The woman found out her boyfriend had been cheating through Depop (

And followers were shook at the incident, with one commenting on the post: "Omfg I think this is the highest level depop drama!!"

While another added: "This has me in tears!"

"Bahahah the 'do you still want the top' got me good," added another.

Meanwhile one chimed in: "Most dramatic one yet I think."

The conversation got pretty awkward (

Others posted witty joke responses, with one writing: "Sorry babe he just came to look at the top he was going to buy it for you."

"It's still at his so easy for you to collect if you want it. Could discount a bit for postage hun," added another.

"At least shipping would be free," said one.

And another wrote: "I can do friend and family discount bab?"

This is the ultimate drama!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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