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Woman Asks For Advice After Revealing Her Boyfriend's Ex Girlfriend Is Living With His Family

Woman Asks For Advice After Revealing Her Boyfriend's Ex Girlfriend Is Living With His Family

The woman explained her boyfriend's ex girlfriend is now living with his family.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

A woman has taken to Reddit asking for advice after revealing her boyfriend's ex has been living with his family.

Posting on the forum, the woman explained she felt uncomfortable about the living situation, explaining her boyfriend and his ex were together for two years.

The woman took to Reddit for advice (

She wrote: "My SO used to be with his ex for two years and I guess she and his family got close within that timeframe. Because she had to move abroad and he couldn't handle LDR, they split up.

"At the end of their relationship, he tried to cut off communication to move on but the ex wanted to pursue him and left messages every now and then. Apparently, she has been in communication with his family all this time (been a year now since they split up).

"Just two weeks ago, she moved back for a vacation. According to her, her family wasn't in favor of her coming back for reasons like the pandemic and her having the tendency to drop her career abroad and remain in our country.

"So she didn't tell anyone in family that she came home and 'had nowhere to stay.' She says that only her grandma would take her in and she's still arranging for it to happen. My SO's family was very generous and offered her a place to stay in the meantime. Now she's staying in the country for four months."

The woman went on to explain that her boyfriend had gone to spend the weekend at his family home, to celebrate a relative's anniversary.

To her horror, the ex was also at the party.

The ex was also at the party (

"Last week, my SO told me he would spend a weekend with his family on a beach trip to celebrate a relative's anniversary and since I thought it was too soon (we've been living in with each other approx. half a year) to be involved in such an intimate occasion, I opted to pass on it," she explained.

"It was until I saw on his sister's posts on the social media days later that his ex was also at the family event. I confronted my SO about it and he said he had no idea she would be there and his family didn't even tell him about her staying over."

She then explained how her boyfriend brought his ex around to their house, so she could explain to her nothing was going on.

"During our talk she told me she was 'relieved that the girl who replaced her wasn't just some girl,' (which I honestly found rude) and that 'she didn't know this would cause any trouble.' I saw a lot of red flags but my SO says she's an angel and wouldn't do anything bad," she said.

"I'm quite confused as to how I feel about this. I'm not sure if I should be disrespected because the ex thinks this is a totally fine thing to do and that my SO's family didn't even care about how it would affect me and my SO (as a couple and individually).

"It seems like she's not doing anything to move out of my SO's family's place and I'm just very uneasy about this."

The ex has been staying with the boyfriend's family (

And other Reddit users were quick to offer up their views, with one writing: "His ex, someone who when it ended he wanted to cut off all communication with her, ends up moving in with his family and is there 4 months with no one telling him?!?

"And when he finds out he's just totally cool with that? None of that makes any kind of sense, there are some weird relationship and family dynamics going on here. I say just get away with all of them. Obviously the family wants him to get back with her, so let her have him."

While another added: "I mean you can't control what his family does. If they consider her a friend then they are allowed to invite her to places. On the other hand I think your SOs reaction to the whole thing was weird. He invited her over to talk to you? Like he couldn't just talk it out with you himself?"

Meanwhile one person was adamant the boyfriend hadn't acted inappropriately. "Your SO hasn't done anything wrong here. And neither you nor your SO can control what his family is doing," they wrote.

"If you trust him and nothing shady is going on that you didn't mention, I don't see that there is anything to do. Just deal with it and move on."

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