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Venus Has Entered Aries And This Is What It Means For Your Dating Life

Venus Has Entered Aries And This Is What It Means For Your Dating Life

Venus entered Aries on 7th February and will stay there until 4th March.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Just a couple of days ago, Venus entered Aries - and it's big news for our dating lives.

Following a pretty chilled time in compassionate Pisces, expect plenty of fireworks as the planet of love and desire moves into energetic Aries for the next few weeks.

Set to shake up our relationships, New York-based astrologist Lisa Stardust has revealed "sparks will fly" when it comes to romance.

And it's not just our relationships that are set to have a dramatic revamp. Both love and careers will intertwine during the period, with Lisa revealing we'll all see a peak in motivation both at work and in our personal lives.

Speaking to Tyla Lisa explained: "When Venus is in fiery Aries, the planet of love and money becomes action oriented.

Venus is in Aries until 4th March (

"Sparks will fly, as we become motivated to do more work than ever when it comes to relationships and making money.

"The need to be the best is necessary, as is the desire to achieve success in all endeavours."

After a long January, we could definitely do with a motivation boost. Aries is known for its passion, determination and fiery temper, so after a dreamy few weeks in empathetic Pisces, it's going to be a dramatic turn.

The planet of love will be in Aries until 4th March, so it's certainly time to make the most of the fireworks.

Sparks will fly for all of us (

But you don't need to take things too seriously. Lisa explains: "With a blunt attitude, Venus in Aries is able to charm anyone they want into a relationship by their impulsive and fun nature.

"The caveat to their passionate gusto is that they can argue for days to make their point, if they think they are right (which they always do, even if they're not)."

As a mega independent sign, Venus in Aries is also a time to say goodbye to old habits and negative routines, so it *might* be time to wave goodbye to the f***boy in your life. Just sayin'.

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