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​People Are Seriously Divided Over Toddler's Zombie-Themed Photo Shoot

​People Are Seriously Divided Over Toddler's Zombie-Themed Photo Shoot

The unusual photoshoot has divided people.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

One mum's Halloween photoshoot has sparked a debate among parents for its gory, zombie-themed, photos.

Photographer Bobbi Rylant, 27, took themed photos of her one-year-old son, Kamden, which showed the little one eating brains and bathing in blood - and people are seriously divided over the snaps.

Bobbi shared the controversial photos she took of Kamden, which depicted him as an incredibly lifelike zombie, as part of a 'Walking Dead' inspired Halloween photoshoot, using cherry Kool-Aid, strawberry and chocolate syrup and a plastic brain as photo props.

The mum-of-three also used temporary tattoos as fake gashes, leaving some parents taken aback by what she'd done.

The gory zombie-themed photos divided people (
Caters News)

Bobbi says: "My youngest Kamden is dressed as a zombie. My husband and I are big 'The Walking Dead' fans, so that is where the inspiration came from."

"He was skeptical at first to sit in the bath but I always let him splash in the water, play with props, taste the syrup and let him warm up to the set beforehand.

"The whole thing only lasts about ten minutes at the max, and he absolutely loves it."

Bobbi and her family enjoy dressing up for Halloween (
Caters News)

Though some parents were supportive of the arty images, others took offence and, in fact, Bobbi received a slew of hateful messages from strangers, with one arguing that she should have her children taken away from her.

"I did receive some hate messages, which have included 'You shouldn't feed your child sugar/syrup' and 'What if he would have been allergic to the red dye, he could've had a reaction!'

"Someone else said 'Someone needs to call Child Services! You should have your children taken away from you!'".

Let's not overreact, guys!

Bobbi used a plastic brain and temporary tattoos as photoshoot props (
Caters News)

Overall, however, Bobbi says that the feedback was largely positive and that people loved the creativity of the gory photos.

"I never let it get to me," Bobbi explains. "They have every right to have their own opinion of it. Not everyone likes to see that type of thing and that's fine.

"This is not an everyday type of thing, we only do this for Halloween. My children are so very loved and well taken care of."

And the experience hasn't put her off more creative photoshoots in the future.

Bobbi adds: "I've been doing photography for about two years, and the kids and I think dressing up for Halloween is really fun."

Featured Image Credit: Caters News

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