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The Star Signs Mercury's Retrograde Will Affect Most

Ciara Sheppard

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The Star Signs Mercury's Retrograde Will Affect Most

Featured Image Credit: PA

For astrology buffs and people who can't even name the planets alike, it's important to know that the Mercury retrograde will soon be upon us.

In astrology, Mercury - the smallest and innermost planet in the solar system - is said to control our communication style, how we think, solve problems, communicate and use technology.

When a planet is in retrograde it appears to be temporarily orbiting backwards instead of forward, and is thought to play havoc with all the parts of your life it controls.

Credit: Unsplash/Neven KrcMarek
Credit: Unsplash/Neven KrcMarek

Mercury is retrograding three times in 2019, the next of which takes place from 7th July to 2nd August. So during this period, you can expect a few things to feel a little off; you might get the day of your doctor's appointment wrong, send an email to someone you wasn't meant to, or sign a contract you definitely shouldn't have.

This is especially true of the star signs that Mercury rules such as Gemini and Virgo, plus the signs the retrograde cycle lands in: for the upcoming retrograde, this is Cancer and Leo.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

For Geminis (born 21st May to 21st June), the retrograde will affect your communication.

Speaking to Bustle, astrologer Lisa Stardust explained: "Ruled by trickster Mercury, this retrograde will have major affects on you, as you will be lost in a sea of gossip and drama." Stay away from the chit-chat until the retrograde is over and be extra wary when sending emails and texts.

If you're a Cancer, you can expect your emotions to be a bit all over the place, as Lisa explains: "Mercury realigns with your Sun at the end of the retrograde period, which may make your emotions and feelings go up and down from high to low." So don't make any rash decisions this month.

Credit: Unsplash/Kevin Crosby
Credit: Unsplash/Kevin Crosby

For Leos the retrograde will play havoc with you memory. "The majority of the retrograde will be on your Sun, which may make you extra forgetful and exhausted," Lisa explains. This means you should check and double check appointment times, set alarms and write yourself reminders.

Virgos are likely to feel super paranoid during the retrograde. "Being ruled by chatty Mercury, who is rolling backwards, may make you feel paranoid and as if people are taking about you behind your back," Lisa explains to the publication.


Our advice? Wrap yourself in metaphorical bubble wrap until the retrograde is over.

Good luck out there, folks.

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Ciara Sheppard
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