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Man Shares Major Safety Mistake Everyone Makes When Posting Pictures Of A New Home

Man Shares Major Safety Mistake Everyone Makes When Posting Pictures Of A New Home

A TikTok user has shared an important PSA for anybody sharing pictures of their new house online.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A TikTok user has shared an important warning for anybody who has just bought a new home, and may want to show it off.

Yep, while you might want to flaunt your new property with a snap of yourself with your keys in hand, there's actually a hidden safety risk to doing so.

Check out this video below:

As he held his key with the ridged side upwards towards the camera, TikTokker @thatpropertyguy said: "Don't do this when you get keys to your new home.

"It's an exciting time and you may want to announce it to your friends and family but don't post a picture where the key is clearly visible.

"It's possible for people to replicate keys using these pictures.

The TikTok user warned against sharing key pictures (
TikTok/ @thatpropertyguy)

"Treat your keys as you would any other sensitive information."

The TikTokker than instructed fans that it was better to take the photo with the teeth of the key hidden by your hand, like so:

This is a better way to show off your keys (
TikTok/ @thatpropertyguy)

"Wow I never thought of that thank you," one person wrote underneath the video.

While another tagged their friend and wrote: "Good to remember".

A third confirmed the TikTok was accurate, writing: "Used to work at a key cutting store.

"When the machine calibration was off, I would eyeball the cut. This vid is true".

In another video, @thepropertyguy also suggests changing the locks of a new property, to avoid anybody who previously lived there or had access to it being able to gain entry.

You can check out all his advice videos here.

TikTok really is a treasure trove of advice and life hacks, and it's not just property tips you can find on there.

In fact, recently people also came across a rather handy sustainability tip, too.

The packing peanuts dissolved under the tap (
TikTok/ thattogspot)

Ever receive a parcel and feel super guilty because of the amount of packaging you have to throw away? We've certainly been feeling that way over lockdown.

That's why we were pleased to discover that there's actually a much more eco-friendly way to dispose of the foam space fillers that come inside your shopping order - simply dissolve them in water.

User @thattogspot is the one who discovered the hack, and shared it on her page.

Packing peanuts - also known as foam peanuts, packing noodles or void fillers - are often biodegradable these days, although it's worth noting that not all of them will be.

It might be for Gen Z's, but TikTok sure has made us a whole lot better at adulting.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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