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Mum's Horror As Husband Forgets To Crop Out Vagina In Child Birth Snap Sent To Family Group Chat

Mum's Horror As Husband Forgets To Crop Out Vagina In Child Birth Snap Sent To Family Group Chat

'At least you know you’re part of the family now'.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

A mum has shared her embarrassment on TikTok after revealing that her husband once shared a picture of the couple and their newborn son with her vagina in full view to his family.

TikTok user @wenfreed shared her story in a short video in which she explained how the faux pas happened.

You can see for yourself below:

She said that after the birth of their new baby, her husband started taking a lots of candid photographs around the delivery room.

He was clearly very excited to share the news with the rest of his family and didn't have a chance to sort through his collection of snaps, meaning that the pictures he sent to the ''whole family' featured his wife's vagina.


Wendy shared the picture to her followers although this time with a shocked face emoji over her waist to protect her modesty.

TikTok user @wenfreed was clearly horrified when she found out the picture had been sent to her husband's family (

Since she shared her story, the video has been viewed more than 867,000 times and has accumulated almost 30,000 likes on TikTok.

She wrote: "Remembering when my husband sent pics to his whole family on a group text just after our son was born without cropping them."

Explaining how she was 'completely uncovered from the waist down, legs still in stirrups'.

@wenfreed adding a shocked face emoji over her vagina to protect her modesty in the TikTok video (

One viewer simply wrote: "I would die."

Some women shared similar stories of their significant others sharing intimate pictures of them immediately after giving birth.

"'I had an emergency section and he sent them a picture of my daughter COMING OUT OF ME. You could see my kidneys in the background," shared one woman.

Lots of women in the comments revealed their partners had done something similar (

Another commented: "Yep, pic of baby on the scale with me getting stitched up in the background straight on view."

One person shared: "'Well at least you know you're part of the family now".

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@wenfreed

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