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Photographer Hilariously Captures Cats And Their Human Doubles

Photographer Hilariously Captures Cats And Their Human Doubles

Some of these are uncanny!

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

The suggestion that we look like our pets is nothing new (anyone seen the opening sequence of 101 Dalmatians?) but one photographer has captured resemblances between humans and their furry companions which are genuinely uncanny.

In his recent photo series Do You Look Like Your Cat? British photographer Gerrard Gethings snaps (you guessed it) moggies alongside lookalike humans, with hilarious results.

Just look at some of these incredible resemblances...

Gerrard Gethings has captured cats and their human lookalikes (
Gerrard Gethings)

The photo series has now been turned into a memory card game by Lawrence King Publishers, and is available to buy for £14.99.

How's that for a perfect stocking filler for the cat lover in your life, eh?

Gerrard's feline-themed photo series follows on from his 2018 Do You Look Like Your Dog? project, which matched pugs and chow chows to their human counterparts, and is available in both book and memory card game form.

The Do You Look Like Your Cat? series is a hit online (
Gerrard Gethings)

The London-based photographer has been taking portraits of animals for years, but argues that strong cat-human lookalikes are harder to come by than dogs.

"Everyone's seen someone who looks like a dog. It's been an idea for ever," Gerrard told The Guardian.

"But I don't think people have thought, 'That person looks a lot like a cat.' I suppose there's a feline quality some people can have, but not in the same way. They don't have huge beards, or things dogs have, like a centre parting and long hair - easy matches. Cats are more difficult."

Some of the resemblances are uncanny! (
Gerrard Gethings)

Crucially, the humans in the photos are not the animals' real owners, but rather models cast by Gerrard.

The cat portraits are taken first, before the hunt for a lookalike begins.

When it came to finding a human counterpart for the cat who looked like a Hells Angel, Gerrard told The Guardian that he "posted a picture of Hagrid on Instagram, and said, 'Does anyone know anyone who looks like this?'

The series is now available as a memory card game for £14.99 (
Instagram / Gerrard Gethings)

"This guy came back and said, 'I look exactly like that.' And he did. In fact, I think he's a Hagrid impersonator - that's his job."

We know what we'll be buying the moggy obsessives in our lives for Christmas.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / Gerrard Gethings

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