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You Can Now Get Paid To Test Rollercoasters And It Could Be The Best Job Ever

You Can Now Get Paid To Test Rollercoasters And It Could Be The Best Job Ever

Dream job alert.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Adrenaline junkies, listen up! You can now get paid to ride rollercoasters in Florida for three whole weeks as a Florida Theme Park Tester.

The dreamy job is available for one lucky candidate and will involve trying out a range of thrilling rides throughout the state. The best part? You can even take a pal.

Not only will the lucky candidate be testing rollercoasters all day long, they'll also be sampling theme park food, experiencing fireworks and shows and even having the opportunity to cuddle and pose with well-loved Disney characters.

For an unforgettable job of a lifetime, candidates must be available over April or May and will need to provide feedback on overall experience; quality and variety of food and drink; souvenirs and merchandise and suitability for families and couples.

They'll also need to rate the thrill factor for each ride as well as assessing parades and photo opportunities for visitors.

It's a dream for every Disneyland fan (

Holiday company, Ocean Florida, say the successful candidate will also be a social media pro, with the ability to capture photo content each day as well as a video blog.

There'll also be an opportunity for the successful candidate to takeover the company's social media channels on select days.

Universal Orlando is one of the parks you'll be visiting (

In return, the candidate will be paid a whopping £3,000 salary, with the option to also bring a friend, partner or family member - although they must be over 18.

Travel and accommodation will be covered for both and you'll also receive fast passes, a daily budget to cover specific activities as well as a GoPro to capture content and a Fitbit to measure how 'thrilling' the ride is.

Just SOME of the theme parks you'll be visiting include Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld.

You can also take a friend, partner or family member (
Vince Fleming/Unsplash)

To apply, candidates must fill in an application form on the Ocean Florida website, with questions including: 'Which Disney character would you be and why?'

There are four stages to the selection process and interviews will be held via video and phone.

It sounds like a tough job, right? But someone has to do it!

Featured Image Credit: Jan Kolar/Unsplash

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