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This Woman’s Online Shoe Shopping Hack Is Literally Genius

This Woman’s Online Shoe Shopping Hack Is Literally Genius

This is a game changer.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Buying shoes online can be an absolute nightmare. Sure, they look great in the picture, but what about when they're actually on your feet?

Well, we've stumbled upon a shoe shopping hack that will literally change your life.

It was introduced on New Zealand's ZM Radio - hosted by presenters Carl Fletcher, Vaughan Smith and Megan Papas - and has since gone viral, with people flocking to question why they hadn't thought of it before.

Essentially, you just print of a small cutout of yourself, but cut off your feet.

You then hold yourself up against different pairs of shoes on a website, and, voila!, you're able to see what they would look like on you. It really is that simple.

As Carl and Vaughan showed the nifty trick to Megan, the radio station shared the tip on social media, too.

The radio hosts presented Megan with the cutout (
Instagram/ ZM Radio)

And it soon went viral, amassing over 46,000 comments and 2,600 shares.

"This woman is living in 2030," one person wrote in the comments.

While another tagged their friend and said: "We have been doing it all wrong".

A third wrote: "Loool need me one of these, would be easier to choose then".

As a fourth chipped in that the hack was an absolute "game changer".

This will change your online shopping habits forever (

Talking of fashion hacks, did you see the incredible trick that one woman dreamt up to transform her ill-fitting dress?

We all know that sinking feeling when you order the perfect dress online, only to find that the straps are slip-off-the-shoulder baggy. UGH.

But one woman found the perfect solution, using a pretty Kmart hair clip to fasten the straps together at the back.

The genius hack worked perfectly by holding the straps together while also looking seamlessly stylish at the same time.

These small glimmers of genius will never cease to amaze us...

Featured Image Credit: ZM Radio

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