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Mum Shares Hilarious Coronavirus 'Home Schooling' Plan

Mum Shares Hilarious Coronavirus 'Home Schooling' Plan

Lessons include a chemistry class on how to bleach the loo!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

With schools closing across the UK last week, many parents have been taking to home-schooling their children during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

From Joe Wicks' PE class every morning, to cooking lessons and basic maths, mums and dads have been coming up with creative ways to keep their kids engaged in education.

Now, one mum has given other parents a much needed giggle by sharing her kids' home schooling plan which includes taking the rubbish out and making her cups of coffee.

While the day starts off with the kids learning how to make their mum a hot drink, it ends in after school club - which basically involves iPad time in their bedrooms.

The rest of the lesson-filled day includes learning how to remove grease from pans (aka science class) and a very important geography lesson, where the children tidy their toys away.

Writing on Facebook, the woman posted a screen grab of the hilarious timetable, which read: "9am, home economics - how to make me a coffee.

"10am, mechanical engineering - how to assemble and operate a Shark hoover.

"11am, PE - run outside and put recycling and rubbish out.

"1pm, chemistry - how to bleach the loo.

"2pm, geography - a lesson where floor items that they have tossed there, belong. Tidy up, put away, ready for use another day.

"3pm, science - how Fairy Liquid removes grease from pans.

"5pm, after school club - go to your room on your iPad and be quiet."

One mum came up with a hilarious home school plan for her kids (

Other parents have been loving the idea, with several mums and dads tagging their friends and family.

One wrote: "[That's] next week's plan sorted!"

While another commented on the Facebook post: "100% a great time to teach the kids some life skills!"

A third person said they would be starting the plan as early as tomorrow while another joked they would customise the science class to a cocktail making lesson, instead.

"I'll also be setting up a science experiment where they mix lots of liquids... cocktail making!", they commented.

Last week, one creative mum decided to set up a tuck shop for her kids, which not only encouraged them to practice their math skills but also reduced the constant requests for snacks, too. Genius.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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