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You Can Now Buy Tickets To Watch Grease And Legally Blonde In An Outdoor Drive-In Cinema

You Can Now Buy Tickets To Watch Grease And Legally Blonde In An Outdoor Drive-In Cinema

The Luna Cinema is set to return on 12th April!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

You'll soon be able to watch movies including Grease and Legally Blonde at a drive-in outdoor cinema as The Luna Cinema prepares to reopen again!

The drive-in cinema will return from 12th April at sites across the country, including Blenheim Palace, Knebworth House, the Birmingham NEC and Bluewater in Kent, with more venues to be added soon.

The drive-in cinema will return from 12th April at sites across the country (
The Luna Cinema)

And visitors are in for an absolute treat, with Luna set to celebrate the anniversary of some cult classics, including 25 years of Romeo + Juliet, 20 years of Legally Blonde and 35 years of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

They'll also be showing other classics such as The Goonies, Grease, Back to the Future and Dirty Dancing.

More recent movie releases are also set to feature, with the line-up also including Disney's Onward, Wonder Woman 1984, Rocketman, Joker and Knives Out.

Last year, The Luna Cinema moved from open air film screenings to drive in - in response to the pandemic.

They'll be showing some classics such as Pretty Woman (
The Luna Cinema)

Each car has its own personal wireless speaker, and as always, there'll be an amazing selection of food and drink available either as a pre-order with tickets, or ordered from the car on the night.

While the drive-in season will be kicking off in April, the traditional outdoor format is set to reopen after 21st June.

George Wood, founder of The Luna Cinema, said: "Following an extended winter break, we are incredibly excited to be announcing our Spring drive-in season, starting in April, and to be able to offer the return of the big screen experience for all those people desperate for some entertainment that isn't inside the four walls of your living room.

"The move to Drive In Cinema in 2020 was a revelation for us, after staying away from the format for the previous 12 years!

There'll be some more recent films shown too, such as Joker (
The Luna Cinema)

"The socially distanced element was a given, but the level of audience enjoyment and communal sense of being part of an event that manages to blend that rose-tinted 1950's American nostalgia with brand new 21st century technology to bring the drive in cinema right up to date, took us all by surprise.

"People clearly love the experience and it wasn't just the novelty of getting out of the house! It took a pandemic, but the drive-in cinema is now a part of the UK's cinema offering and long may it continue.

"... The summer is set to be filled with the triumphant return of open air cinema, with hundreds of Luna screenings planned for the country's most stunning green spaces, but in the meantime, it's all about the drive in and we can't wait to welcome audiences back for a fantastic Luna drive-in cinema experience."

Tickets are priced from £32.50 per car and you can find the full timetable here.

Featured Image Credit: The Luna Cinema

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