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Woman Reveals Genius Hack For Extra Hole In Your Sink

Woman Reveals Genius Hack For Extra Hole In Your Sink

How have we never thought of this?

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Have you ever wondered what that seemingly pointless circle tab is on your kitchen sink? No, us neither.

But in news that has completely blown our minds, one woman from Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, has revealed it's actually an extra compartment within the basin, which is perfect for holding soap.

Chloe Lee, 24, explained she didn't like leaving her washing up liquid out on display as she felt it looked a little messy.

But after scrolling through TikTok, she came across a video of someone using the circular compartment in their sink to hold a soap dispenser.

Chloe has used the compartment to insert a soap dispenser (
Jam Press)

The circle tab is an extra tap placement found on many sinks, which allows people to switch the position of their taps and have them on the other side of the basin if they wish.

But, as one TikTok user pointed out, it's the ideal space for holding a soap dispenser. Mum-of-two Chloe purchased a dispenser for just £7 on eBay and managed to fit it perfectly within the sink, meaning all she has to do is fill it up whenever it's running low.

The mum-of-two explained she didn't like having her washing up liquid on display (
Jam Press)

She shared the trick on the Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It Facebook page, where she was praised for the brilliant idea.

One person even called it "life changing", explaining: "I didn't know this!! You've changed my life!!! I hate washing up liquid bottles, you're forever wiping the bottom of them."

Speaking about her discovery, Chloe said: "I saw a video of someone showing this trick on Tik Tok.

"I bought the soap dispenser from eBay for just £6.99 and it fits in my sink perfectly.

Chloe said the soap dispenser was the perfect fit (
Jam Press)

"I decided to get one because it was genius and I knew it would make my life so much easier, and it has done!

"It was so easy to fit as well and much easier than I thought."

No more hiding washing up liquid under the sink - we can't believe we hadn't come across this sooner...

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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