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A Hunger Moon Is Coming This Weekend - Here's What It Means For You

Lucy Devine


A Hunger Moon Is Coming This Weekend - Here's What It Means For You

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This weekend, the second full moon of 2020 will illuminate the skies - and as the year's Hunger Moon, it's got a rather sinister meaning behind it.

The Hunger Moon - which always occurs in February - will be visible on Sunday 9th at around 7.30pm and it's expected to be a spectacular sight.


But the beautiful moon actually has a dark history.

The Hunger Moon refers to a time of the year when, historically, food reserves from the autumn harvest were often running low.

In the time between the end of winter and the promise of spring, February was usually the most difficult month for food stocks and the Hunger Moon was named to represent this.

It's also referred to as a Snow Moon due to the increased snow fall during February. But, despite its eery title, it's also a symbol of hope and a sign that spring is on the way.

The Hunger Moon has a rather eery meaning (Credit: Unsplash)
The Hunger Moon has a rather eery meaning (Credit: Unsplash)

It can also have a more positive meaning for us, as astrologer Lisa Stardust explains it's the perfect time to focus on what we're passionate about.

"The Hunger Moon is a time to embrace and fight for our passions - what motivates us and moves us forward in life. In other words, what makes us hungry for more," she told Tyla.

"It's a time when we must literally take a bit out of life and become conscious with our desires."

Explaining that the Hunger Moon marks endings and not beginnings, Lisa explained we'll all be pushed to be brave, whether we like it or not.

What does the Hunger Moon mean for your sign? (Credit: Unsplash)
What does the Hunger Moon mean for your sign? (Credit: Unsplash)

"This luminary will shed light on our innermost feelings, as all full moons do because the moon's glow illuminates the earth allowing us the chance to come clean and be honest with ourselves," she explained.

"We will be cosmically pushed to be brave and courageous - which may be scary for some.

"All Full Moons are potent, but this luminary will force us to take a look within to see how we treat ourselves and others.

"Through self-examination we can gain insight into how we can better serve the world and community at large - as well as our friends. Full Moons are really a time of reflection, not a time of manifesting.

"Keeping that in mind, it's recommended to take a nice relaxing bath and to be real with our emotions."

But what does it mean for your star sign specifically? Lisa reveals all...

Keep an eye out for this weekend's Hunger Moon (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Keep an eye out for this weekend's Hunger Moon (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


You're in the mood for love, even if your boo isn't. Set the mood for a romantic dinner for two.


Spruce up your home with some minor renovations by adding decorative pieces in your pad.


The rumour mill may finally shut down amongst your friendship circle, offering you a reprieve from the drama.


After you're done paying your bills, treat yourself to something extra special with your left over money.


You may be a tad emosh right now, but this will allow you to understand yourself on a deeper level.


Dip out of the limelight and focus on yourself (for a change). Rest and relax during this luminary.


Your friends are showing their true colours. It's up to you to decide how you want to move forward with these relationships.


Work may seem endless, but all of your looming tasks are almost completed. Relish in your accomplishments.


Taking the high road is always your vibe, but you'll need to bite your impulsive tongue before you cause harm to those you care about.


Money matters are a serious concern, especially debt related issues. Make a payment plan to end these issues.


You're embracing your relationships head on and expressing your emotions no matter the cost.


You're changing up your daily routine by implanting more self-care into your life.

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Lucy Devine
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