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Stunning Full Super Worm Moon Will Appear In The Sky On Sunday

Stunning Full Super Worm Moon Will Appear In The Sky On Sunday

You should be able to see it clearly in the sky on Sunday.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Astronomers, we hope you all have your telescopes ready for the weekend because the March full Moon is nearly here.

Depending on where you are in the UK, you may not even need a telescope to see the first Supermoon of the year and we will explain why.

This weekend, the Supermoon - which is also referred to as a Worm Moon - will light up the sky above the UK.

The super Worm Moon pictured last March in Northumberland (

It is one of the two official Supermoons we will be able to see in 2021. The next Supermoon will take place shortly after this one in April.

The Moon is called a Supermoon because it is at its nearest point to the Earth's orbit where it reaches its perigee than a regular full moon.

A normal full Moon happens when the moon is on the opposite of the Earth to the Sun during its rotation.

The full Moon in March has come to be known as the Worm Moon because it happens at the same time of year when earthworms begin to appear as the soil becomes warmer in spring.

It is also known as the Sugar Moon, the Sap Moon and the Crow Moon.

The Moon becomes a Supermoon when it reaches its perigee - the point closest to the Earth's orbit (

NASA states that in the 1930s, the Maine Farmer's Almanac began publishing American Indian Moon names for each month of the year.

Northern tribes knew the March full Moon as the Crow Moon due to the appearance of crows at the time of the Moon's emergence, and tribes more to the south called it the Worm Moon because of the earthworm casts (or trails) that appear as the ground thaws as the weather turns to Spring.

This year the Worm Moon is a Super Worm Moon because the full Moon this month is also a Super Moon.

We recommend checking the weather forecast for Sunday evening to make sure you'll have a clear view of the Worm Moon. As long as the weather is clear - with British weather you never know what to expect - it will be hard to miss.

March's Worm Moon will be the first Supermoon of the year (

The higher you are, the easier it will be to spot but don't be tempted to make any unnecessary journeys to see it because you should be able to look out of your window at home to spot it.

That being said, watch out for any tall buildings that might obscure your view.

The Worm Moon will be visible across the UK on 28th March at around 8pm.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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