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How To Celebrate Mother's Day When You Can't See Your Mum

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How To Celebrate Mother's Day When You Can't See Your Mum

It's safe to say Mother's Day has come at a - erm - strange time this year.

With the government's latest advice telling us to avoid all unnecessary contact and practice social distancing - particularly for those aged 70 or older and those with underlying health conditions - our extravagant Sunday plans have safely been blown out the window.

But there's no reason to write the day off altogether.


With postal services still running, companies extending their delivery hours, and innovative ways to use tech to feel closer to your mum, there are so many ways to make your mother feel loved this Mother's Day - even if you can't physically be there.

Here's everything you need to know about celebrating Mother's Day during social distancing.

Can I send her a card?

Cards are a classic way to show your mum she's loved, but this year, many may be worried about sending more than just a few heartfelt words. What about germs?


Well don't worry, according to Royal Mail, Public Health England has advised there's no risk of passing germs through the letter box.

"Public Health England (PHE) has advised that people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus," the postal service says on their website.

"From experience with other coronaviruses, we know that these types of viruses don't survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels."

Royal Mail are taking measures to prevent the spread of germs (Credit: PA)
Royal Mail are taking measures to prevent the spread of germs (Credit: PA)

Royal Mail adds it'll be "business as usual" for the posties, who will be delivering cards and gifts all the way up until Sunday, while taking special measures to avoid the spread of infection. These include encouraging their post workers to wash their hands regularly, providing disposable latex gloves and logging customers' names instead of asking them to sign.

And if you can't make it to a post box, fear not: there are a ton of online postal services where you can you send off a card to your mum at the click of a button. (And more often that not, you'll get a far better selection than what you'll find at your local store, too.)

Just some options include Moonpig, Funky Pigeon and Thortful, where you can even find some comical topical options (depending on where your sense of humour lies with the whole thing!)

Are florists still delivering?


Flowers are a sure-fire way to win brownie points with your ma, and there's surely never been a more welcome time to receive a fresh bouquet when you're all cooped up in doors. But many may be wondering, which florists are still open for business?

Interflora, for one, is still committed to delivering flowers this Mother's Day, with the company ensuring they're taking extra steps to make sure everyone's safe. This includes "keeping extra space between us and the recipient and leaving flowers in safe spaces," the flower delivery service explains.

The company is even offering next day delivery right up until 5pm on Saturday 21st March for those last minute types.

Eflorist is also guaranteeing Sunday delivery, while Bloom & Wild - who specialising in letterbox flowers - have a ton of beautiful options that can simply be popped through the letterbox and arranged at home.

Bloom & Wild's letterbox flowers are a great option (Credit: Bloom & Wild)
Bloom & Wild's letterbox flowers are a great option (Credit: Bloom & Wild)

Can I send her a gift?

A gift is a lovely way to show your mum you care, and coronavirus is limiting the options a lot less than you might think.

In fact, many brands that offer online delivery still have people working hard in their warehouses to deliver your goods, from jewellery, to homeware, books and clothing. Just be sure to check specific brand's website just in case.

Some companies are even going above and beyond to make sure you can gift your mum with something nice this weekend, such as gifting company www.hamper.com - which is offering amazing Mother's Day bundles and extending delivery hours, making Sunday delivery possible for the first time ever.

One4all Gift Cards, who sell gift cards for hundreds of brands from jewellery to tech and homeware, is also offering an online promotion for free postage and packaging.

Or if you're stuck for an original idea, why not get your mum a monthly book or magazine subscription to weather out self-isolation?

What are some other original gifting ideas?

Ever heard of touch bracelets? We, for one, are obsessed.

The idea is you both wear a bracelet and can send each other vibrations to let them know you are thinking of them from anywhere in the world. How cute? Hey Bracelet sends a gentle squeeze to the other owner. We think they're a great idea to feel close to your mum even when you're far away.

Hey Bracelets are a great way to show your mum you are thinking of her (Credit: Hey Bracelet)
Hey Bracelets are a great way to show your mum you are thinking of her (Credit: Hey Bracelet)

What's the best video call platform?

Video calling platforms have likely never seen as much usage during these times of social distancing. But which one is best?

Of course there are the classics like FaceTime and Skype - but many have been raving about Zoom as the go-to for video calling.

It's primarily a conference calling app, but swathes of people across the globe have been tapping it for their family catchups since self-isolation was introduced.

Simply make sure your mother and other family member are signed up to start video calling.

Another fun option is Houseparty, the social networking app that lets you conduct group video chats and play games with your family members. It's getting a lot of buzz online, and seems like the perfect way to lift moods this Sunday.

Simply download the app from your app store, sign up and get going.

People are raving about Houseparty (Credit: Houseparty)
People are raving about Houseparty (Credit: Houseparty)

How can I help other mums this Mother's Day?

Once you've sorted out your own mother, why not look to ways to help those who might be struggling this Mother's Day such as new mums?

With the government advising social distancing, paired with attempting to navigate the scary and uncertain times that come with having a newborn, and its no wonder many mums may be feeling even more anxious than usual.

To help combat this, a new campaign is seeing the British public send heartfelt messages to new mothers who may feel isolated or lonely this Mothering Sunday.

Red Letter Days, maternal mental health charity PANDAS and mum's social network Mush are encouraging members of the public to write messages reminding mother's they are loved.

To find out where you nearest postbox is, and get involved in the campaign, click here.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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