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Abandoned Golden Retriever With 48 Hours To Live Rescued And Nursed Back To Health

Abandoned Golden Retriever With 48 Hours To Live Rescued And Nursed Back To Health

Duncan the pooch was 'living off scraps' and on 'death's door' when he was found on the streets of Dalaman, Turkey.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A lucky golden retriever was given a second chance at life after he was sadly abandoned and left at 'death's door'.

The adorable 10-year-old dog, named Duncan, was just 48 hours away from death when he was found on the streets in Dalaman, Turkey.

Thankfully, charity founder, Lisa Smart, 53, offered to help the poor pup - and they struck up such a rapport that he is now her pet.

Now, two years on, Duncan couldn't be happier, and his health has drastically improved too, being in such a loving home.

The poor dog was in a very bad way (

Lisa, from Eastbourne, Sussex, said: "I was horrified to see the state he was in - I knew he was on his last legs.

"He had almost scratched himself to death as he developed a flea allergy.

"His fur had fell out and his skin was hard like a rhinos.

"He had a kennel cough and infections in his eyes and ears along with spots on his face which were itchy and painful.

"Myself and the other volunteers at Happy Paws Rescue decided we need to help this dog and the local man brought him to a vets.

"It looked like keel over as his back legs were so weak, they could barely support his back end."

Duncan was weak and injured (

Her charity - Happy Paws Puppy Rescue, is a UK based enterprise which runs solely on donations, and they forked out £1000 for vet bills for the poorly pooch.

Duncan lived with a foster family in Turkey for four months before flying over to the UK.

There, Lisa developed a love for the golden retriever and offered to foster him.

She said: "We rescue up to 200 dogs per year so I can't possibly take them all in.

Duncan has been taken in by a charity owner (

"But there was something about Duncan - he was one of the worst cruelty cases I have ever dealt with.

"His determination to live - touched my heart. Every day he made tiny improvements and now he is like a completely different dog.

"From the moment he set his paws into my home, I fell in love with him and couldn't let him go."

Lisa adds that Duncan is now loving and outgoing as opposed to the shy and scared pup that he was when he first arrived to the UK.

The pooch is now happy and healthy (

"It took three months for him to settle in but he is now living the dream," she said. "I am so proud of him.

"Adopting him has given me a massive sense of achievement and I encourage others to do the same."

Happy Paws Puppy Rescue predominately helps golden retrievers from Turkey.

You can support the charity here.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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