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Family Abandon Dog Leaving It Chained Up Outside When They Move House

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Family Abandon Dog Leaving It Chained Up Outside When They Move House

An abandoned dog has been found chained up in a car park after her owners moved house without her.

According to animal rescue organisation, Paws 4 Hope, the elderly dog, named Athena, had been tied up with a heavy chain around her neck, outside a desserted cafe in Russia.

She was left to fend for herself after her family moved, surviving only on scraps occasionally thrown by passing truck drivers.



But when Laurica Nagel, who volunteers for the rescue organisation, heard about Athena's story, the team immediately came to her aid.

She was transferred to Paws 4 Hope's facility for medical help and intensive care treatment, where she was given food, water and plenty of love and cuddles.

Luckily, Athena didn't have any serious injuries, but vets did discover she has sadly lost her sight in one eye.

Poor Athena was surviving on scraps (Credit: Paws 4 Hope)
Poor Athena was surviving on scraps (Credit: Paws 4 Hope)

Initially, the team were concerned they would struggle to find a loving, forever home for the beautiful pooch due to her age. They explained that senior dogs are not always the first choice for those looking to adopt.

However, a family from Moscow rushed to Athena's rescue, giving her all the love and care she deserves.

The family also have plenty of land for Athena to play in and explore - a much needed change from her time tied up and abandoned in the car park.

Sadly, Athena isn't the only senior pup to have been abandoned recently. Yesterday we told you about a 13-year-old golden retriever who was abandoned at the side of the road by his owner.

Athena was left blind in one eye (Credit: Paws 4 Hope)
Athena was left blind in one eye (Credit: Paws 4 Hope)

In the clip, which you can watch here, a woman can be seen pulling up in her car on the roadside, before opening the rear passenger door. The pooch hops out and the woman closes the door behind him.

She then walks a short distance with the dog, who can be seen wagging his tail as if they're going for a walk, before running back to the car.

Non-profit organisation, I Paw'd It Forward explained: "Here is what I would ask of you: Instead of dumping your dog somewhere, offer him/her the same courtesy you offered him when you adopted him. If you need to rehome him, ok. But be patient. Find the right home.


"Reach out to the rescues in your area. Contact the Humane Society and schedule a surrender. If they say you need to wait your turn and it could be 2-3 weeks, wait. Do right by them."

Featured Image Credit: Paws 4 Hope

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