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These John Lewis Bed Covers Mean You No Longer Have To Strip The Bed

These John Lewis Bed Covers Mean You No Longer Have To Strip The Bed

We might be a bed sheet convert after seeing these.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Stripping your bed sheets is surely one of life's most loathsome tasks; up there in the ranks of ironing and hoovering, it leaves us hot, bothered and exhausted by the end.

Well luckily for us, one company is revolutionising the sheets game by, well, getting rid of them altogether.

John Lewis

Yes, John Lewis is now selling The Fine Bedding Company's coverless duvets which come in three colours: baby pink, blue and grey.

Unlike normal duvets, the brand's 10.5 tog Night Owl comforters come in a block colour, with luxury quilting and a chic wave stitching.

John Lewis

While it probably isn't the best option for those who get bored easily, they are ideal for those are particularly militant about cleaning their sheets.

Why? The duvets can be squeezed into a washing machine and spun at 40C, while its compressible fibres mean it will return to its original plump and fluffy state when you pull it out.

They can also be air-dried (quicker than your average duvet apparently) and are tumble drier-friendly, too.

The duvets range for £35 for a single, to £45 for a double and £55 for a king.

So far, the duvets have been rated 4.4 out of 5 on John Lewis's website, with most praising the product.

John Lewis

"Such a soft coverless duvet! Was very warm but also felt quite light when sleeping with it. Very easy to wash and dry and overall a really useful product!," said one happy customer.

"What a time saver, I hate the weekly wrestle with duvet covers," said another, adding that they'd now bought them for the whole family.

John Lewis

"The material used is really soft so all in all I have no complaints, and would recommend to everyone," said a third, adding: "I was worried that the stuffing might alter after putting it through the washing machine but it returns back to normal after about six hours drying."

One parent called it a "godsend if you have a bedwetter" adding: "Lovely soft smooth duvet, washes like a dream and dries quickly."

John Lewis

One reviewer, who said they were on the fence, noted that the 10.5 tog duvet weighs "a fraction of the standard duvet" making them wonder if it will be warm enough come winter.

They added that despite the duvet looking plain, "there is a slight marl or crosshatch effect."

We reckon we might be a bed sheet convert after seeing these.

Featured Image Credit: John Lewis

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