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Couple Warn People About Dodgy New Houses In The Best Way

Couple Warn People About Dodgy New Houses In The Best Way

Faye and Neil Douglas were furious when they found over 30 problems with their new home, so they decided to get their own back...

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

A couple who compared their £286,000 new-build to 'Fawlty Towers' have taken matters into their own hands by hanging a sign warning off other potential buyers.

Parents-of-two Faye, 40, and Neil Douglas, 38, purchased the four-bedroom home on the Persimmon development in Droitwich, Worcestershire, in June 2018.

When they finally moved in, they were met with the 'house from hell', with over 30 faults including dislodged windows and doors and dodgy plastering jobs.


After months of correspondence with Persimmon, the couple decided to take their plight to new levels of savagery by hanging a sign warning off potential customers.

The six-foot sign, which Faye and Neil hung in April, read: 'Don't buy a home here until you've spoken to us. Huge snags and appalling aftercare!'

The couple fully admit they did it 'to get one up' on the company, who are responsible for the development the Douglas's live in.

Faye and Neil say the house should have never been signed off, claiming there were 30 problems with the house. Just some of these include inadequately plastered walls, windows and doors that wouldn't shut properly, misaligned walls and a poorly fitted kitten interior.

The couple moved in after the birth of their twin sons, saying they hoped to make it a 'forever home' for their sons.


Mrs Douglas, a part-time teacher, said the couple have has sleepless nights since moving in.

"We wanted to enjoy a family home but it's just been an absolute nightmare," she said. "We've been here for nearly a year and they've done nothing. The house should never have been signed off in this state. We regret buying it, it's got so many faults.

"We bought the house as a family home. The idea was after all the stress of the boys being born we wanted to move forward and have positivity but it's been anything but.

"The house is like Fawlty towers. It would be a lovely house if it was put right. We haven't even been able to put a picture up.


The couple said they started noticing the faults as soon as they moved in. She said: "When we stopped to look we saw that the wall was misaligned and that there were other things wrong too.

"Some of the brickwork is as straight as a pensioners tooth. The whole house needs re-plastering and decorating.

"Even the paint is starting to flake. We paid £1,800 to have flooring put in and it's been badly cut. The woodwork and timber-work is poor quality and the workmanship in general is careless. Every window will have to be taken out to be straightened. The kitchen cupboards are all wonky and the granite unit hasn't been fitted properly either.

"It's not worth what we paid for at all."

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes told the Daily Mail: "We tried our very best to address the customer's concerns over a number of months. However Persimmon felt it would be better for the customer to have an independent NHBC resolution and we are more than happy to comply with their findings."

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