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You Can Now Buy Glow In The Dark Guy Ropes

You Can Now Buy Glow In The Dark Guy Ropes

These are going to be so useful at festivals.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Hands up if you've ever tripped over guy ropes at a festival? *Raises hand*.

Yep, we've face planted a fair few times - which is why the idea of glow in the dark guy ropes has us very excited indeed.

They're available on Amazon for £11.99 (

For just £11.99 per pack (which includes a 65.6ft/20m rope), they are available at Amazon, where customers have been giving them five-star reviews.

After just 10-15 minutes of exposure to sunlight, the ropes promise to glow in the dark for six to eight hours.

According to makers LILUO, you can expect a brighter glow by letting the cord charge in direct sunlight.

The ropes - which have a 5mm diameter - are also reflective, so if you're stumbling around with your phone torch, they'll light up straight away.

"Perfect for holding items, guying out tents, tarps and shelters when travelling, camping or biking," LILUO explain.

No more tripping over your guy ropes (

And so far, shoppers have been praising them for several different types of camping.

One person wrote: "I have been night fishing for years and it is not easy to not to get tangled in my tent's ropes in the dark.

"Here is the solution I never thought of until I bumped into this product on amazon. It's such a great idea to use light up ropes for night fishing or camping. I'm really happy with my product.

"The rope is made out of good quality material. All I need to do is to leave the rope in the sun the day before I go fishing, and it will glow all night."

The product also comes with 10 aluminium adjusters, making the ropes mega easy to install.

After 10-15 minutes of sunlight, the ropes promise to glow for six to eight hours (

If camping in a tent *isn't* your thing, you can now stay in bubble igloos in the middle of the Indonesian jungle instead.

Located in Bali, the hexagon bubble tents are ideal for those who want to find a balance between luxury and camping, as guests can enjoy the stunning surrounding nature from the comfort of a cosy and well-kitted bubble.

Each pod contains a private bathroom, decked with all the electricals and toiletries you might need.

Sounds amazing, but you can't beat a good old British camping trip... right?!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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